Hevad Khan

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 03:32

Hevad Khan

A poker biography of Hevad Khan.

Quick Information

Name - Hevad Khan

Born - Poughkeepsie, New York, United States

Current Residence - Poughkeepsie, New York, United States

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - RaiNKhaN


Hevad Khan is a StarCraft veteran who has played and won in many of the game’s live tournaments. He comes from Poughkeepsie, New York. During high school, he spent most of his time mastering the game. Soon after, while studying at SUNY in Albany, he discovered the very lucrative world of online poker.

At first, he seemed like every young and passionate person, who was inspired by the likes of Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer. These two had made millions for themselves just by playing poker on television. It was enough for the likes of Khan to get interested in poker. So, he went on to learn the game that was taking the world by storm.

Once he began playing online at PokerStars, he did so in a swift and aggressive manner, like one would in a typical StarCraft tournament. He was so aggressive in fact that he would play in several tables simultaneously. He began to build a big-time bankroll. But then, other players began to notice his screen nick on several tables at the same time. They began to doubt if this “RaiNKhaN” was a real person. They thought it was just poker bot trying to earn someone a fast buck. When they complained to the administrators of PokerStars, Khan went ahead and had his friend film him play 26 poker tables all at the same time. He posted the clip on YouTube to prove to everyone that “RaiNKhaN” is for real. Pretty soon, the clip spread like it was the best viral video online. He gained online notoriety and his own bevy of fans.

He then went on to try his luck with live tournaments. He first joined the World Series of Poker in 2007. He made some cash winnings that totaled a little more than $20,000 from two preliminary events. By the Main Event, he was raring for more action. After six grueling days, he made it to the final table – not a bad showing for someone who had joined the live circuits only lately. By the end of the game, he finished at sixth place. This earned him a whopping $965,243.

Khan had likewise joined and won impressive cash winnings from PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker tour, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and from the World Poker Tour. In March 2008, he won first in Foxwood Poker Classic’s preliminary $1,850 No Limit Hold’em, where he took home $108,187 in cash winnings.

Khan is still an avid computer and video gamer. Whenever he’s off the felt tables, he goes online to play his favorite games. When offline, he likes to hang out with friends, just like most young men. He watches his share of moves and likes to try out different cuisines at good restaurants.

Many commend Khan for infusing his unique brand of energy into online poker gaming. And many expect his fame and game to keep on being on top. With so many venues for online and live poker games these days, it would be hard to keep someone like him away.