High Roller Casino

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 23:24

High Roller Casino

Many people who go to casinos only gamble small amounts of money. These casual players have a small chance of winning big and, at the same time, they are usually also safe from losing big. Casino high rollers, on the other hand, are gamblers who like to bet large amounts of money on any kind of casino gambling game. The large bets that high rollers gamble can win them millions of dollars in single games. At the same time, however, these big gamblers can also lose a considerable amount of money during their visits to casinos.

Rolling high

High rollers are often portrayed in movies and television as people who dress as extravagantly as they bet. In reality, high rollers may dress as normally or as fashionably as they wish. These gamblers can come from any type of background, but usually they are rather wealthy. This is because the only true qualification to become a high roller is to bet high and bet constantly. Most high rollers are experienced gamblers and they know the casino and gambling games well. They are often able to accurately calculate and interpret the conditions, probabilities, and possibilities involved in the games that they play. This gives them the confidence it takes to place large bets. While high rollers often bet big, they are usually not as concerned with the amount of the bet. They are normally playing the game for the thrill of winning.

High roller games

Many high rollers gain their reputation at table games, such as craps or poker. In general, though, there is no one particular game that high rollers play. When these individuals go to casinos, they play any game that they prefer to play. Casinos that patronize high rollers often offer them their own gambling room, table or machine, depending on the high roller's preference. These tables and machines operate in the same manner as the tables and machines on regular casino grounds. The difference is that the casino offers the high roller higher betting limits.

VIP High rollers

High rollers who are recognized by casinos often receive VIP benefits called “casino comps” (short for casino complementaries). These complementary items and services are aimed at attracting high rollers to the casino in hopes that the casino can win the large amounts of money that high rollers are known for betting. Perhaps the most common casino comps that are given to these gamblers are limousine services, personal gambling tables, food, and rooms. Beyond this, casinos also offer private jet rides, cash back deals, event tickets, and free stays at the casino's best suites. Casino comps often cost much less than the amount of money that can be gained from high rollers who not only bet a lot, but also spend large amounts of money for other services and products.

Online high rollers

Aside from high rollers who actually go to the casino to gamble, there are also high rollers recognized on Internet gambling sites. Many online sites offer bonuses to high rollers. These bonuses are not as large as casino comps, but they still serve the same purpose, which is to entice these big betters to continue patronizing their site.

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