High Roller Poker

Sat, 20 Sep 2008 23:30

High Roller Poker

Many people enjoy playing casual games of poker in small groups, with friends, family, or colleagues. Others would rather place their bets at casino poker tables, where they also play casually. Then, there are high roller poker players. These are individuals who bet large amounts of money at casino poker tables and have gained recognition as a high roller. While high rollers can choose to play any game that they wish, there are many high rollers who prefer to play poker over any other game.

Why only poker?

Most high rollers are exceptionally good at one type of gambling game. Their experience and skill at the particular game that they prefer gives them the confidence it takes to bet large. High rollers who prefer to play poker are usually excellent at analyzing the 52-card deck and the many probabilities that result form each turn of a card. These people understand the game and how it works to the point that they can accurately predict their chances of winning.

How does someone become a high roller?

The only set of requirements to qualify for high roller status at poker is to bet large and gamble frequently. While some people may be willing to bet large every so often, few are willing to bet as large and as often as high rollers do. Basically, high roller poker players gain their reputation by getting recognized as big gamblers by the casino or establishment that they are gambling in. While a majority of the income that casinos get comes from casual gamblers, high rollers may account for a large source of income as well.

Why become a high roller poker player?

Although it takes large amounts of money and confidence to become recognized as a high roller, there are also numerous perks that are offered to these players. Many casinos reserve tables for high rollers. These tables may be part of the normal casino floors or the casino may offer high rollers their own room for more privacy. Aside from this, many high roller poker players are offered other VIP benefits such as a complementary stay at the casino's suites and other rooms. Casinos usually offer rooms to high rollers who have won, in hopes that they will gamble again the next day. Some of the other products and services offered to high rollers include free airfare, food and drinks, private jet trips, event tickets, and limousine services. Overall, these services cost little compared to the amount of money that high roller poker players spend at the establishment.

Where do high roller poker players play?

Most high roller poker players gamble at casinos and other gambling grounds. Sometimes, high rollers enter into poker tournaments also. Aside from playing poker at these establishments and events, there is also an online poker community where people can become known as high rollers as well. These sites often offer bonuses to high rollers as well, but these bonuses are often not as tangible as those offered by actual casinos.