History Of Baccarat

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 01:14

History of Baccarat

Learning about the history of baccarat.

For people who are popular with casinos, Baccarat is considered to be among the more popular card games that are played.  This is so that the most recognized secret agent cult figure, 007 James Bond, is known to have favored this particular game.  For those who enjoy playing this game it is important to know at least a portion of the history of Baccarat.

Where did Baccarat Originate?
The term Baccarat is derived from the same Italian word that means "zero" when translated into English.  The actual source of this game is still debatable as there are actually many versions and variations about the myths and history of Baccarat.

As shown by records of the history of Baccarat, it was played first by a gambler named Felix Falguierein from Italy.  This was around the time of the Middle Ages and the card deck originally used were that of the Tarot.  The said game was loosely patterned on a certain ancient Etruscan ritual involving nine deities who decided the fate of a certain blonde virgin by the use of a nine-sided die.  Should the result be of either an eight or nine, the virgin would become a priestess; if the dice came up with six or a seven, the virgin would then be permanently banned from religious activities; on the other hand, if she came up with a number that is less than the number six, the said virgin would be asked to walk into the depths of the sea.

After some time, baccarat was brought to France during 1490 A.D. where it became known as a game that was exclusive only for the nobles of the country. During Charles VII's reign in France, Baccarat was popular because it resembled, to a slight degree, Basset and Faro.  It was several years later that it became a popular game and a regular one at the casinos.

The game has three variants that are accepted as part of the Baccarat concepts. These are the Punto Banco, which is often played in North America where no strategy or skill are involved except for pure luck; the Baccarat Banque, and the Baccarat Chemin de fer.  The latter two, on the other hand, require a certain kind of skill level so as to play successfully.

How Baccarat Evolved
Considering the travel of Baccarat from one country to another, this old game has taken various forms and variations in the Baccarat rules.  By understanding the history of Baccarat and how it spread, one can see just how much this game evolved from its humble beginnings.

In addition, Baccarat is played in various places all over the world, but its roots lie in the game "Chemin de fer," a Baccarat variation that was played in France.  This game was brought to England, which made some changes in its rules and named it "European Baccarat" and after that, it was exported to South America.  During the latter part of the 1950's, Tommy Renzoni bought a game that was a fusion of "Chemin de fer" and "European Baccarat" in the United States.  This was played in the Dunes Casino, an infamous gaming place in Las Vegas during the '50s.

Due to the popularity of this game, many people are now aware of this game and are well-versed with a long array of Baccarat tips (link to: Baccarat Tips.txt) and strategies.  For those who are not that inclined to the card game, this was remedied when Ian Fleming made Baccarat the particular casino game of choice of his suave and dashing secret agent, James Bond.  This particular tidbit is mentioned in 007 movies (most notable one is of Casino Royale in 1953) and books.