History Of Craps

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 03:02

History Of Craps

A brief look on the history of craps.

The excitement in a casino is electrifying. With the crowd's loud cheers and jeers, the machines' dinging and ringing, and the lights blazing and sparkling, a gambler can easily be entranced with the euphoric atmosphere. But it can't be denied that the center of all this energy can be found at the craps table. Those with the big bucks usually flock to these tables, prepared to face the high stakes.

But the bling and blitz of the craps table came from very, very humble beginnings. The presence of craps as an early form of gambling originated way back from the Roman Empire. Soldiers threw around some cube-shaped knuckles of pigs on their shields to entertain themselves during their free time. Another account on the the game's origin states that this dice game was started by the Arabs in the 14th century in a game named azzhar which translates to the word "die". But possibly the most accurate historical account of craps can be traced to the Middle Ages where its original form was played. This game was called Hazard and it was enjoyed by the aristocracy of Europe in the 16th century. Its rules were created by Montmort, and the lowest value which can be rolled was termed as crabs. The game traveled throughout Europe where it eventually reached France where its name was evolved from Hazard to crabes.

The game traveled further to Acadia, a French colony, which was eventually lost to the English. The members of this colony found their way to Louisiana and here they kept on playing their dice game, which they began to call craps. When it reached the river of Mississippi,it was discovered by John H. Winn who modified the rules of craps to accommodate betting and this change became very popular. Craps, as we know it today, has emerged and it gained notoriety in America as it spread throughout the country. It easily became one of the most played games in American casinos, and it gained a reputation as a game for the rich risk-takers, as it is often portrayed in the movies.

Craps comes in two forms: street and bank. The two can easily be differentiated by name. Street craps is played on the street where betting isn't as complicated as in a casino where players would have to go against a bank (link to: Craps tips.txt).

Craps induced an environment that involved the participation of not just the rollers and the bank, but of other bettors as well. The win of one can be the win of many, and this increased the avid interest of casino-goers.

But because of the chances of losing big in this game and the emergence of less risky gambling entertainment in casinos like the slots or other card games, the popularity of craps slowly declined. However, this game would not fade away entirely. Although there are still some who take their chances in the buzzing casinos, others turn to the Internet for the chance to play this high risk game. Internet craps is slowly becoming an interest for online players, which helps in keeping this dice game a casino staple.