Holdem Edges

Fri, 06 Jun 2008 00:57

Holdem Edges

Decide where and how to play your poker game.

There are numerous poker variety that a player can choose from. Because of this many variants of the community card game, poker players often have a hard time choosing which game to play. One way to make the decision-making easier is for the poker player to examine his strengths and skills and to determine which poker game best suits him.

Smaller edge for Fixed-Limit Hold'em
Only a smaller edge is limited to the Limit Hold'em game. The limit will fall on the amount of bet a poker player can handle. This way, one is secured from committing unwise decisions such as calling all-in with a pair bottom just because the top set is at hand. In this kind of game, bets make up only a pot's small portion. So it only follows that participants of the game call in a solid draw the moment they acquire odds that will be good for the draw.

The Worst Scenario
The worst case scenario in playing Fixed-Limit Hold'em is when the player loses more than the expected amount he would lose. It would be very seldom when a winner takes dominance even on small pots. However, the player's losing edge is made narrower each time he commits an erroneous bet while playing the game.

As Compared to No-limit Poker Games
If this would be compared to a no-limit hold 'em game, then the rival player would lose considerably more money. This will make the other player's edge greater when it comes to the assumed value. What makes this possible is the fact that unlike fixed-limit hold 'em, the bets in no-limit poker games make up a big portion. Given considerable conditions, the chances of winning are greater for players at the no-limit tables.

However, this does not automatically mean that no-limit games are more superior than the fixed-limit ones. What happens is instead of attracting poker players because of their greater edges, the players shy away from them. It is still possible to make huge mistakes in the no-limit poker games than a player to commit a huge mistake on limit games.

The Player's Performance
Realizing one's edge in a limit or no-limit game is not what counts the most when playing poker. Sometimes it all still boils down to one's skills and performance. This points to the fact that the player's edge may vary when playing a no-limit poker game while it may remain constant when playing a limit game.

When playing Fixed-Limit Hold 'em the player will encounter decision-making situations that deal with playing pre-flop and when to fold. As mentioned, between a fixed-limit and a no-limit game, a poker player's edge at the latter is greater there is a huge variation at a table with more players involved. What a player should put into mind is other player may commit huge mistakes when they play at no-limit tables.