How To Play Good And Bad Poker Hands

Tue, 28 Oct 2008 23:02

How to Play Good and Bad Poker Hands

Difference with sitting and playing good or bad poker hands.

Winning a poker game basically means you're being rewarded with money for your good hands while avoiding other players' good hands. A lot of players lose their perspective when dealing with the latter, making it difficult for them to accept defeat.

Playing with good and bad poker hands

If you consistently get good cards and most of the time win, you probably won't have any difficulty in playing well. Wait until you get two bad beats from the same rookie, and the scenario changes. You would play worse than usual, losing so much in the process. This is where the idea behind "entitlement" comes in. Having a mindset that you're entitled to a break may actually prevent you from excelling at your game. A good example is if you have not won anything for hours or days, and then you would be thinking that this is your time. You would then be compelled to play another game or make another raise since you believe that this is your "winning moment" and that you're entitled to be cut some slack. The issue here is that you may have not realized the true nature of the game. In poker, you aren't "entitled" to a winning moment just because it's about time that you actually win. This is why even pros experience losing streaks that could last for days or even months.

No matter how good a player you may be, there is no way you could win if you don't have the strongest hands. And even if you're good at bluffing, you really don't stand a chance if your opponents' hands are better than yours. The "I am entitled to win" mindset makes you believe that you should win most of the time. And if you're not winning, you're compelled to do something to take advantage of the "chance" that doesn't really exist, losing more cash in the long run.

Keeping your cool when playing with good and bad poker hands

So, it's best to not lose your composure when good cards fail to come. You should expect such a thing to happen when playing poker or any card gambling game. Don't force yourself to win all the time; having this kind of attitude won't benefit you at all. In poker, you need to have the right attitude in order to succeed, and not just good gaming skills and strategies. Before playing a game, it's best to think of doing your best and not lose a lot than to think of winning every game.  

Have you ever been to a game where all the opponents are weak players, yet you could not make a dollar? Assuming you are a good player, then it may mean that you are receiving the worst cards imaginable. Unfortunately, receiving the worst cards possible is part of poker. Feeling bitter about it during the course of play may only make you feel worse, or if not, prevent you from delivering your A-game.

Maintaining your perspective is a must to become an excellent poker player. So the next time you get hit with the much-feared losing streak, step back, review everything, and keep your cool. Be realistic as there is no sport in the world where even the strongest pros remain undefeated.