How To Play Backgammon

Thu, 29 May 2008 17:01

How To Play Backgammon

Backgammon online play and how to.

Backgammon is one of the many kinds of board game that has been adopted from our Egyptian ancestors. The origin of backgammon is believed to be the primordial tabula, which is also believed to be the origin of many board and table games. Tabula is said to have existed since AD 476-–481. Around this time, Egyptians were already playing senet, a game, which is closely similar to backgammon because the moves in senet are also decided by rolling the dice.

The backgammon game has been preferred by many players from generation to generation.  And as early as 1743, a detailed book on how to play backgammon, and everything about it has already been published. The book is called A Short Treatise on the Game of Backgammon, written and published by Edmund Hoyle.

Backgammon is ideally intended for two players.  It is not a very complex game, and perhaps it is one of the reasons that players easily get attracted to it.  In essence, backgammon is a game that involves mental racing, for each player wants to move his checkers around the board without being taken by the opponent.  However, his moves will be highly determined by rolling the dice.
Each time the dice is rolled, the backgammon player must carefully think of his next move.  Then he will choose which is the best among the many options available on how to get ahead in this mental race.

A dice is an integral part of a backgammon game, because the rolled dice will determine how far the pieces can be moved. When it comes to actually moving the pieces the player has to make some good decisions.  To win the game the player must be able to completely move all of his pieces off the board.  In addition, there are lots of strategies involved to win the backgammon game.  It includes how one can successfully move across the board  without getting hindered by his competitor.  Players should move in opposite directions across the board.

Because playing backgammon is mentally challenging, it is considered by many players and spectators as one of the most exciting games.  As in the case of many games, there are several popular backgammon versions across the world.  Still, most of these versions carry the same principles and elements that make backgammon game exciting.

The backgammon table or backgammon board has a track of twenty-four (24) points; –a dozen for each player. Each dozen has different colors.  These sets of points are connected into a continuous track that resembles the shape of a horseshoe.  Checkers or pieces should be moved from higher-numbered points to lower-numbered points.  The points are numbered in ordinal manner.

Points numbered 1 to 6 are known as the home board.  Some players and in some versions, they call those numbers the inner board.  The inner board suggests the presence of an outer board, which are points 7 to 12.  Meanwhile, points 13 to 18 are known as the competition's outer board, and points 19 to 24 are the competition’'s home board.

To start the game, the players must first roll a die.  The one who gets the higher number has the chance to move first.  However, during the game proper, the number that will appear on the dice must be followed in moving the checkers across the board or table.  When the player rolled the die, and numbers four and two appeared, the player will then have to move one of his pieces four points forward, and the other piece two points forward.

While the game is progressing, there are many possibilities that could happen.  A piece may land on an unoccupied point, but it may also land on a point occupied by the opposing piece.  However, as a rule no point can be occupied by pieces from both players.