How to Play Bejeweled

Wed, 28 May 2008 18:08

How to Play Bejeweled

Play bejeweled online and how to.

Bejeweled is a widely popular puzzle game that is easy to play. It does not take a genius to enjoy the challenges this game brings. To play Bejeweled, all you need is a quick pair of eyes and a keen mind.

The beauty of Bejeweled lies on the fact that it is very easy to understand. The concept of Bejeweled is simple, yet addictive. In Bejeweled, a player is given a board filled with jewels of different colors and sizes. His mission is to swap adjoining jewels to make either a horizontal or vertical line of three or more. The set of three or more will be erased from the board, allowing for new sets of jewels to come through. With every successful swap, the player earns points.

Knowing the Layout

When you launch the software for Bejeweled, the game layout will load. Even though versions of Bejeweled vary, the layout is pretty much the same. Occupying most of the screen is the board, which contains the numerous colored jewels. Generally, Bejeweled has seven kinds of differently-colored and -shaped jewels. Below the board containing the jewels is a bar, which gradually fills up whenever you create a set of similarly colored and shaped jewels.

On the left of the board is the menu window. It contains game data and the player options. On the top of the menu window is the score screen, which displays the total number of scores acquired by the player. Just below the score screen is the New Game options. Clicking this would end the current game and launch a new one. You also have the option to select between a Normal or Simple game and a Timed one. The menu window also contains a round screen, which displays the score of a single turn. Located near this round screen are the Sound and Help options. The Sound options allows you to adjust the volume of the sound effects and the background music. Meanwhile, the Help options is handy when you have certain questions about the game.

Swapping Jewels

Your goal in Bejeweled is to swap the jewels to form a vertically or horizontally aligned set. To do this, you have to find two jewels that if swapped, will result in the alignment of three or more similarly-shaped and -colored ones. Once you found them, select one of the jewels by clicking it and then click on the jewel you want it to swap places with. Doing this will cause the aligned jewels to disappear from the board. It will also cause the jewels on top of the board to drop, making way for new jewels to fill the board.


The following is the score system for Bejeweled:
    3-jewel match – 10 points
    4-jewel match – 20 points
    5-jewel match – 30 points
    6-jewel match – 50 points

In Bejeweled, you are required to get at least one match of 3 jewels for every turn. However, there are times when you can create simultaneous matches in a single turn. Bejeweled gives you extra points for this feat. The following is the score system for simultaneous matches:

    2 simultaneous matches - +10 points
    3 simultaneous matches - +20 points
    4 simultaneous matches - +30 points
    5 simultaneous matches - +50 points
    6 simultaneous matches - +70 points
    7 simultaneous matches - +100 points
    8 simultaneous matches - +150 points
    More than 8 simultaneous matches - +200 points

Now that you know how to play Bejeweled play it online, have fun playing!