How To Play Craps

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:11

How To Play Craps

How to play craps on the internet.

Craps is considered by many gambling enthusiasts as the most exciting game in the casino world. It is a fast-paced game that runs round after round, depending on the fate of the shooter's hand. Craps was derived from a term used in an old game, which has a similar play pattern called Hazards. As time went by, the rules and proceedings of the game changed and so was its name. The initial name of Hazards faded away with time and was replaced by the term craps, derived from the term Crabs Eyes. In Hazards, Crabs Eyes was the term used to denote rolled dice that produced two ones. In this dice game, you will not merely roll the dice and add the numbers, you will take control of the game by acting on your instincts. If you want your first time in a casino to be an exhilarating and extremely exciting experience that you can brag to your friends over and over again, then look for a craps table and let the games begin!

However, don't let your fascination towards the game lead you to bankruptcy. Craps can offer considerable monetary gains to people who have thoroughly studied the rules first before heading off to placing bets. If you are interested in diving into this game and determined to make a living out of it, then it is a wise move for you to know how to play craps first. Understanding the game play will help you draw out plans and strategies to rake in money instead of suffering from a severe financial loss. Use the following tutorial to know the basics and the essentials of the craps game.

Basically, you need two dice to play craps. You can either bet on the casino dealer's side or the shooter's side. If you choose to put your wager on the shooter's table, then place your bets on the Pass line before he proceeds to rolling the dice. If you decided to play against the shooter, then lay your bets on the Don't Pass Line. The initial toss in every round is called a Come Out Roll.

If the Come Out roll produced a 7 or 11, then that particular round is wrapped up and the shooter and the bettors on his side automatically win. However, when the roll resulted to a 2, 3 or 12, the round is over as well, but the killings will go to the casino dealer and the players on his side. If the Come Out roll turned a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, then that means it is a point. In a point, neither the dealer nor the shooter wins. The game will continue and the shooter will roll the dice again to get the same Point number before he gets a 7. If he gets the same point number, then the shooter wins. Tossing a 7 before arriving at a Point is called an Out 7. This means the shooter lost for that round and he needs to pass the dice to his left for a new player to be the next shooter.

See? Playing craps is relatively easy. However, before you lay those stacks of chips on the Pass or Don't Pass lines, make sure you fully understood the game by watching live games first or trying your luck playing online craps. Don't be surprised if you see the craps crowd go a bit rowdy and loud. These are just craps players' common reactions to the thrills and frills brought by the craps game.