How To Play Roulette

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:50

How to Play Roulette

Play roulette online and how to do it, an article.

Roulette is plainly a game of chance. As such, you should not play this game if you do not feel that luck is on your side.

The Roulette Table Layout

Learning to play roulette has something to do with familiarizing yourself with the elements found at a roulette table. The table is composed of boxes numbered from 1 to 36 and a 0 box (if you are playing it in Europe) or o and 00 boxes (if you are playing it in America). The 36 boxes are colored either black or red and are distributed in three columns, with twelve numbers in each column. On top of the table is a roulette wheel that has 37 or 38 slots -- depending on what type of game you're playing. On one side of the table is a space for the dealer or croupier, who will oversee the betting, spin the wheel, determine the winners, pay off the winning bets, and take all the losing bets.

Getting Started

To join a game of roulette, you need to place bets on the roulette table. You can do this by placing your chips on a specific number box or boxes at the table. You may also place an outside bet by placing your chips on any of the outside boxes. These outside boxes also correspond to the roulette odds you want to play.

Roulette chips are different from casino chips since they do not indicate a specific value. Instead, they are of distinctive colors that help the dealer determine which bets belong to whom. Different roulette tables have different maximum and minimum bet requirements. The value of your chips depend on what you want to assign to them upon purchase. More often than not, the dealer will ask you about the amount you will designate to your chips.

Once the players are in, the dealer will spin the wheel on one side and release the ball on the opposite side. Up until he announces the famous phrase,  "No more bets," the players can continue placing or rearranging their bets. As soon as ball stops to a specific number slot, the winner is determined and paid off and the dealer will take another spin to start a new game.

Placing Bets

Every roulette table follows a specific betting scheme; each has its own maximum and minimum limits for an inside or an outside bet. The minimum outside and inside bets are usually of the same value, while maximum limits of outside and inside bets vary. In most cases, the maximum limit for inside bets are lower than that of the outside bets. This is because the payout for the former is higher than the latter.

The difference between outside and inside bets lie in the way they are placed. If you are going for an inside bet, your bet can be spread out to different numbers. Meanwhile, if you are going for an outside bet, your bet should be placed on one outside box only. Inside bets are number specific -- you can either place your bet on a single number from 0 to 36, or split your bets on several numbers. On the other hand, outside bets are classified. You can either place your bet on a black or box, even or odd box, the first and last 18, or the first, second, and third dozens.