How To Qualify For Wpt

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:34

How To Qualify For WPT

WPT event qualifiers and tournaments.

For all you amateur or wannabe poker players out there, I'm sure you all know how exciting getting in the World Poker Tour is. If there are so-called big concerts for singers and rock bands in the music scene, in the world of poker the big game is the world poker tour. This world poker tour is simply the most popular among the poker tournaments so poker fanatics are understandably wishing for an entrance. Not everyone may share the feeling of excitement and wanting to get in the tournament, though, since other people are still in the dark about why they will want to play or be part of world poker tour.

However, it is a good news that though not everyone will want to play in world poker tour , almost everyone can have access to world poker tour . The process for getting into World Poker Tour is fairly simple and easy. There are two well- known ways to qualify. The first one is through online poker rooms while the second one is through direct buy-in. From these steps, you can be well on your way to WPT, where you can put your poker strategy to the test.

Usually, poker players shop around for world poker tour satellites to get the best satellite game they can find. This maximizes the chances of getting in the tour. World poker tour satellites can not be acquired without purchase, of course.  Even the satellite tournaments charge a fee, although it's significantly lower than the buy in for the WPT itself.  So, since you'll still be spending your hard-earned cash, be sure to wisely shop around and choose among the varieties of satellites available at different casinos and card rooms.

Taking the second route, which is the direct buy-in, to qualify is also easy. Poker tours usually post schedules for their next event so be sure to check them out first. Then, decide which of the tour you want to enter. Next, go to the nearest casino or contact the participating casino to confirm the poker tour schedules, especially the one you have decided to join. Also, ask for further information about the buy-in fee and registration deadlines and guidelines. It is always wise to be in the know. Once you are informed enough, you will have to shell out a significant amount of cash for the entrance fee so you can avail of the reserved seat at the World Poker Tour. After you are registered, the last step to take is to arrange your travel schedules so you can go to the location of the poker tour you have chosen.

Once you have gotten your seat at the WPT, either through winning satellite tournaments or through buy-in, enjoy.  Take in the sights and have fun at the games.  But remember to keep an eye on the prize.  Some players also take this time to seek out ways to get into the next tour.  There are times, too, when you might even be given a chance of winning a free entrance to the next tour. Now that, for a poker player, sounds like pure, unadulterated fun.

Selecting a poker room for wpt qualifiers.

One of the most successful gambling sites and brands online is "bodog", of course has a well established poker room as well which is called simply bodog poker. They run qualifiers for both the world poker tour and world series of poker with lots of other goodies and treats for you poker fans. Another poker room in the top of the line is ultimate bet which you should visit for a great poker experience whether you are a pro or amateur.