How To Win in the WSOP

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 01:24

How To Win in the WSOP

A look on your best poker game at the WSOP.

The World Series of Poker is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious competitions in any sports event. Individuals who win in the WSOP not only gain popularity but also become instant millionaires.

But winning in the World Series of Poker is not as easy as anyone may think. The road to obtaining a WSOP title is always long and arduous. Before he can bag that coveted prize, an individual has to undergo a series of tournaments. And with more than a thousand aspirants aiming for one of the richest prizes in sports competitions, one has to dig deep in order to overcome the challenges and become a WSOP winner.

Making it to the main event of the World Series of Poker is the ultimate goal of every player. The first step -- for people who don't have the $10,000 entry fee (meaning: most people) -- in qualifying for the main event is to win a satellite tournament. However, the entry fee to these satellite tournaments can be quite expensive, ranging from $100 to $1,000. Not many people are capable of shelling out such amounts. Fortunately, most online poker sites hold in-house competitions where the prize at stake is a ticket to one of the major WSOP satellite tournaments. This is an opportunity for people who do not have enough budget to eventually make it to the major satellite competitions and hopefully to the main WSOP event for less than a hundred dollars. Most online poker sites award an all-expense paid opportunity to compete in the World Series of Poker.

Aside from satellite tournaments, shootouts likewise provide people a viable opportunity to win in the WSOP. For fees that can be as low as $1, one can have a chance to qualify for the main event. With shootouts, winners of various tables attempt to outdo each other. There are various kinds of shootout tournaments that an individual can compete in. Likewise, there are multi-table competitions wherein the leaders, for example, the Top 5, gain entry into the WSOP. In such competitions, the perks of winning a seat at the WSOP may include hotel accommodations, free food and expenses, and clothing allowance or sponsorship.

Taking advantage of WSOP Free Rolls or Freerolls is another way for a player to gain a seat and win in the WSOP.  Many online sites hold player Free Rolls en masse.  With this feature, a player shells out nothing and yet may have a shot at getting to the WSOP to play alongside some of the best in the business or even become the next WSOP winner.  The chances of actually winning a seat, though, are quite minimal.

In a nutshell, scoring a seat and having the chance to win the World Series of Poker need not be expensive. By taking full advantage of the various opportunities offered by online casinos, an individual can find himself competing in the main event of the WSOP without spending so much on the entry fee. Some past champions gained their way to the finals by topping satellite or shootout competitions.  Hundreds of winners have seen their lives change after bagging the World Series of Poker and these champs have achieved the honor of having their names added in the database of winners and millionaires. You too may have the chance of joining these champs. Logging on to online poker sites is the first step and who knows, the rest could be history.