How To Win WPT

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:38

How to Win WPT

Strategy and article on how to win at the WPT.

Entering in the World Poker Tournament is easy. All anyone has to do is look up the locations included in the World Poker Tour. There are plenty of places to choose from - the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, the romantic streets of Paris, the blazing casinos of Vegas - and it's up to any aspiring WPT champion to match his preferred poker place to his or her desire. So pack those bags, stuff the money needed for the buy-in, fly to nearest World Poker Tour stop, and fulfill that fantasy of winning the coveted poker jackpot that can be worth over a million.

Sounds too simple? Of course it does -- and that's not how it really goes down in real life WPT.  Before any player can be named a tournament champion, he or she must first beat out hundreds of other hopefuls vying for that prize. Because anyone with cash (or even luck, from case to case) can pretty much grab a seat, from the intimidating pros with multiple wins to the amateurs who played for their seats online, winning at the World Poker Tour is a feat that seems nearly impossible to accomplish. How then does one win at the WPT?

It all boils down to strategy. Surely, all aspiring WPT players must know that in order to participate in this world-class event.  Texas Hold 'em fundamentals are a must-have. But one can't rely solely on poker know-how. For anyone to succeed at this much-anticipated event, he or she must have the moves.

There are key aspects to a good strategy in poker and these involve the power of keen observation, smart betting, and good hand-playing. One must know the pocket pair, the cards on the table, and all the possible combinations that can be made from that hand. Don't just give up so quickly with a pair of sixes or something equally low; utilize each flop, turn, and river correctly. Mind those cards, but also keep an eye out for the other players as well. Notice their motions, their tells and maybe try to figure out if there are flaws in their playing.

Money is of course a big matter in the World Poker Tour. Whether a player is short-stacked or in the chip lead, one must always handle his or her position well. If one wants to pressure others into folding, then a player can opt to push the stakes a bit. On the other hand, if a player just wants to see how his or her opponents are doing, then a small amount will suffice. This varies according to situation of course, and it is dependent on a player's personal technique. Whether a player decides to play it straight or bluff away, a high chip stack is good to have on one's side, so take it one hand at a time.

There really is no surefire way to claim that victory at the end of the World Poker Tour, but what is important is a player's plan. If that fails, then use the back-up plan. But if success doesn't come the first time you use your strategy, don't despair. There's always next year.