Howard Lederer

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:24

Howard Lederer

A poker biography of Howard Lederer.

Quick Information

Name - Howard Lederer

Born - 1964, Concord, New Hampshire, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker

Howard Lederer is a proof that poker acumen can be passed on to fellow family members. Also popular as 'The Professor' because of his analytical approach and obvious knowledge of the game, Howard served as a personal poker tutor to his sibling, Annie Duke. Later on, Annie became an expert professional poker player just like her brother. In fact, Annie Duke became so good at poker that she managed to beat her mentor in three World Series of Poker events. The two also made poker history when they were applauded as the first siblings to make it to the same WSOP final table in 1994.

However, unlike the Brenes brothers, Howard Lederer and Annie Duke didn't come from a clan of poker players. Born in Concord, New Hampshire on the 30th of October, 1964, Howard's father was a linguist, writer, and a teacher at St Paul's School in their hometown. His sibling, Katy Lederer, was also literary inclined like his father. As a matter of fact, Katy authored a book entitled "Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers" which tells the story of the Lederer family. However, even though poker wizardry does not completely run in the Lederer blood (at least where his father and Katy is concerned), Howard spent many years in their home playing cards for fun with fellow family members. It was during these family fun games that Howard's competitive nature was developed.

Before becoming a professional poker player, Howard's passion was chess. As a matter of fact, after high school graduation, Howard decided to pursue his love for chess by moving to New York City and enrolling in Columbia University. Incidentally, New York was not only home to chess lovers but to poker enthusiasts as well. While honing his chess skills, Howard discovered a poker game going on in one of his favorite chess club hangouts. From that day on, Howard became hooked with poker, spending more than seventy hours a week playing and losing bankroll after bankroll. In time, Howard became an expert of the game and even became one of the best players in the famous Mayfair Club of New York. It was also during this time that Howard learned No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

To focus more on poker, Howard moved to the haven of poker players, Las Vegas, where he played many cash games. In 2002, however, Howard concentrated on playing for World Poker Tournaments that were held every month. He went on to win two WPT titles, qualify in two WPT final tables, and garner seven WPT money finishes. Aside from these, Howard's poker accomplishments also include winning two WSOP bracelets and having thirty-three WSOP money finishes. By year 2006, Howard's total winnings already reached over $3,200,000.

Howard also previously weigh over 300 pounds, which prompted poker master, Doyle Brunson to call him "bubba" and because of his weight, Howard had to undergo a gastric bypass surgery. After his weight-loss surgery, Howard eventually became a vegetarian. It was said that Howard was once presented a proposition wager of $10,000 to eat a cheeseburger, which he won. At present, Howard "The Professor" Lederer lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with Suzie (his wife), Matti (his son), and their three pet dogs.