Hoyt Corkins

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:28

Hoyt Corkins

A poker biography of Hoyt Corkins.

Quick Information

Name - Hoyt Corkins

Born - Alabama, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


A person who utilizes an aggressive approach to poker, Hoyt Corkins is among the roster of impressive players of professional poker throughout the world. He has gone on to high-stake tourneys and has won two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets for the Pot Limit Omaha game worth $5,000 in 1992. After disappearing from the limelight for a while, Hoyt made a successful comeback proving that his place in the rankings aren't a fluke.

He Who They Call Nightmare
Within the realm of professional poker, it is quite common to give nicknames to players who are popular in the inner circle. This is the same as with the case of Nightmare or Hoyt Corkins. He is called as such because of his scary tactics in poker that are guaranteed to make his opponent uncomfortable. Among his other nicknames are Cowboy and Mr. Move All-In. This Alabama native is among the many big names in poker internationally. His trademarks are his aggressive playing style, soft-spoken voice, earplugs, his cowboy boots and hat. His poker playing days started when he was 19 years old after he was taught by his own father. According to many sources, Hoyt Corkins wears earplugs so as to prevent him from being distracted by the chatter of the other players during the live tourneys.

His Hiatus From Poker and His Return
Despite his impressive success as a poker player, Hoyt Corkins abruptly disappeared completely from the professional poker scene after his WSOP win back in 1992 due to the stress of undertaking a divorce. He stayed off the radar for 11 long years before staging a comeback that was caused by the continued encouragement of his fiancee. Upon his return in 2003, Hoyt Corkins broke records by winning a prize worth $1,089,200 during the 2003 World Poker Tour finals. This made his return all the more publicized and his popularity restored.

His impressive finish was then followed the following year. Hoyt Corkins finished second, just behind Gus Hansen during the PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure, winning $290,065 despite being sick at the time. In 2005, Hoyt Corkins went against Mike Matsusow during the freeroll of the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions where he got $325,000.

During the World Poker Tournament (WPT) in 2006, Hoyt Corkins was able to finish third spot; while in the 2007 WSOP tourney, he won $515,000. This victory was made even better as Hoyt Corkins also won the coveted bracelet for the second time.

If one were to tally all of Hoyt Corkin's winnings from 1993 to 2007, his live tourney prize winnings would be around $3,200,000 or more.

Life Outside the Tourney
Like other successful players of poker, Hoyt Corkin also has life outside the poker table. Whenever he's not busy at the poker playing circuit, Hoyt Corkins busies himself by tending to his 60 heads of cattle in Alabama. He also works as a poker tutor and game partner to newbies. Hoyt Corkins also maintains a residence in Las Vegas.

Truly included in the list of amazing poker players in the whole world, Hoyt Corkins continues to prove that he is as good as ever with every tournament he goes too.