Huck Seed

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:25

Huck Seed

A poker biography of Huck Seed.

Quick Information

Name - Huck Seed

Born - Montana, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Little is known of Huck Seed, except that he is a whiz when it comes to the card game of poker. Those people who are not familiar with Huck will easily mistake him for a basketball player than a poker player with his imposing height of 6 feet and 7 inches or 2.01 meter. It would only take a person one glance to spot this giant in a poker room. Huck does not only stand out among the poker crowd due to his height, but for his impressive skills in the game. Likewise, the intimidation and terror his fellow players feel with him around has nothing to do with his height at all, but with his coolly confident attitude and muted manner while playing poker.

Huckleberry, as Huck sometimes wishes to be called, was born and raised in Montana. Before his successful career in poker, Huck was studying in Caltech to become an electrical engineer. He was said to be very proficient in Math and might have gone on to become a good engineer if he had not quit college to play poker full time. It was said that in 1989, Huck filed for a leave of absence in college but never came back when he already got into the adrenaline-rushing realm of poker.

Huck started playing poker at the age of 27, but rose to the celebrity status when he won the World Series of Poker main event in 1996, taking with him a massive $1 million cash prize. Although it was one of the finest point of his career, Huck was not contented on just getting one WSOP bracelet. In fact, Huck won three more WSOP bracelets and over a sum of $2.25 million winnings by 2004. However, it was not all easy and great for this poker whiz. In 1999, Huck made it to the final table of WSOP, but wound up only in 6th place, losing against Noel Furlong. Still, with 33 WSOP money finishes to boast, there is no denying that Huck is clearly among the best poker pros around.

Even though Huck ranks among the top five best No-Limit Hold'em players, he likes to be considered a well-rounded player. As a matter of fact, Texas Hold'em is not the only poker variant Huck is used to playing. He also tried his hands on Omaha, and even entered two Omaha Hi-Lo Split events in WSOP 2006. Huck also entered a H.O.R.S.E event in July 2006.

One thing his fans should know about Huck Seed is that he is an avid proposition bettor. It was said that he once wagered $100,000 that he can perform a back flip. Huck then went on to practice back flipping for six months and eventually won the bet. He also made a $50,000 bet with Phil Hellmuth, another poker player, that he could stay buoyed in a body of water, whatever it might be, for 24 hours. Huck lost this bet, but won it all back when Phil Hellmuth lost $24,000 to a wager of $2,000 per 9-ball game. It is exactly this assertive nature of Huck that makes him appear like an impulsive, and sometimes even careless, player, but it was this same attitude that undoubtedly brought him under the poker limelight. At present, Huck is living it up in Las Vegas, Nevada.