Humberto Brenes

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Humberto Brenes

A poker biography of Humberto Brenes.

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Name - Humberto Brenes

Born - May 8th 1951, San Jose, Costa Rica

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The name Brenes, through the years, have become synonymous to poker. With three Breneses ruling the top ranks of poker players, it gets one thinking whether poker acumen really does run in their blood. Along with siblings Eric and Alex, Humberto Brenes makes Costa Ricans all over the world proud by winning poker tournaments left and right. A veteran of poker, Humberto also fits his moniker of 'godfather of Costa Rican players'.

Unlike other professional poker players, Humberto is not known for exhibiting an ice-cold manner towards playing poker. Rather, Humberto Brenes is well-known for is his infectious charisma, unique and colorful choice of clothing, and distinctive Latin charm. With these, Humberto can easily brighten up the usually gloomy ambiance over poker tables. One caution, though, even though Humberto may seem like one's favorite uncle, he is one mean poker player with little mercy to spare for inexperienced opponents.

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica on the 8th of May, 1951, Humberto grew up watching his father play cards with family friends. At the early age, Humberto already knew how to play different card games including poker. Even though he became a seasoned player at a young age, Humberto did not quit school to play cards full time. Humberto went on to attend college in the University of Costa Rica and managed to finish his Industrial Engineering degree there.

Even though Humberto already makes money by beating tourists at various card games in his hometown, he had not fully considered playing cards as a career. Before becoming a world-renowned poker professional, Humberto was a businessman who owns several establishments including a television station, a chocolate factory, and a construction business. Furthermore, Humberto's game was originally baccarat and craps where he easily wins money off amateur local casino players.

Eventually, after getting tired of baccarat and craps, Humberto made the big switch to poker. Once again, Humberto proved his skills as a card player by beating almost every player who had the misfortune of sitting with him at any poker table. Even though a proficient poker player, becoming a professional player was far from Humberto's mind. It was not until someone told him that he would not be able to beat the pros that Humberto considered stepping into the world of professional poker.

Humberto obviously proved that person wrong, as he is now among the most popular and favorite poker professionals. In addition to that, Humberto has two World Series of Poker bracelets and 44 WSOP money finishes. He won his first WSOP bracelet in the $2,500-Limit Texas Hold'em event in 1993 and his second bracelet in the $2,500-Omaha Pot-Limit event the same year. After winning the two WSOP bracelets, Humberto became a well-known face in the poker circle. In fact, he continued to win more poker tourneys in the following years. Among his famous wins include winning the Jack Binion World Poker Open in 2002 where he won half a million dollars in the No-Limit Texas Hold'em championship event.

At present, Humberto's poker winnings is already over $4,600,000. Online poker buffs can catch him playing in When not playing poker, Humberto enjoys spending his time in his hometown with Patricia, his beloved wife and his three kids. He also likes to kick back and relax in his Florida home.