If Win or Push

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:28

If Win or Push

Winning in all wagers means a winning parlay.

Parlay is defined as a single bet connecting two wagers or more in a single or several events. Like teaser, parlay is a combination of straight bets, a form of betting popularly associated with and applied in sports gambling. In parlay, one has to make choices of teams in one sport event or more than one event depending on the rules of betting.

Winning in all Wagers Means a Winning Parlay

The success of parlay is highly dependent on the success of each wager. If all the wagers win, parlay automatically wins; however, if one from among the wagers loses, the entirety of the parlay bet consequently loses. Given these odds, a successful parlay bet is considered a bit difficult to achieve.

To start off, a participant chooses three groups (e.g., AA, BB, CC) in a sports competition, like football or basketball, to which he will assign a bet and a point spread. For instance, an individual can assign numbers as follows: Team, AA -7; Team BB, +3; and Team, CC -10. If the choices are correct and the selected teams win, each $100 bet placed on the teams shall win $600. If one of the three choices is wrong, then the participant loses.

Push is Not About Losing

Push or tie does not automatically mean a losing bet; a push will only result to the player's demotion to the succeeding betting level. Thus, if an individual has made three wagers (AA, BB, CC), and AA happens to be a push, the parlay will be reduced to only two-team (BB and CC) bets. In this case, though the participant hasn't been defeated yet, the amount of payoff will reasonably decrease.

More About Parlay

There are various sports events where a player can bet parlay. The most popular ones are the hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. There are times when the administering committees or online sites allow a participant to pick and combine selections of teams from different sports events. This can be changed, however, depending on the rules framed by the house.

A normal 2-team selection has an odd of 1.6/1 and can win a payout of $260 for its $100 bet. If one chooses 3 teams, he can have a 6/1 odd with a chance of getting $600 for the $100 wager. The common maximum choice of teams is 6 with an odd of 40/1 and a pot money worth $4,000 only for a $100 bet.

Parlay may not be the most ideal strategy in sports betting because of its lose-one-lose-all concept, but it has generated excitement and fun among enthusiasts. For one, a bigger payoff can be expected in parlay, which is an obvious advantage over the other kinds and forms of bet. This bigger payoff is the fitting result of the the level of difficulty in parlay that is visibly higher as compared to the straight bet where one bets separately.