Jack Zwerner

Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:33

Jack Zwerner

A poker biography of Jack Zwerner.

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Name - Jack Zwerner

Born - Not Available

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Poker is sometimes just a game of patience. Playing poker for three days could be very well a test of endurance, determination, and skills. However hard the games may be, the poker players go on with the game until the last man is declared the winner. Getting very lucky in winning the poker tournament is the highlight of every poker player's career. Moreover, in the game of poker, there are various tricks and strategies that will determine the success of a poker player.

Playing against 670 poker players from all over the world is indeed a great victory for the 2006 WSOP Omaha Hi/Low tournament Jack Zwerner. Being a so-called beginner in the big poker tournaments, Zwermer was able to showcase his cash games skills in the high stakes matches. Winning in the end is what matters most to Zwermer. He was not at all intimidated by the aggressive poker players that are constant players in tournament games. Zwermer focused on the game and eventually made it as the top winner for the night. His family could only agree that Zwermer deserves the recognition for the night as the poker gold bracelet winner. Together with the bracelet was the total winnings of Zwermer that amounted to a total of $341,426.

Winning the bracelet and the pot money are the top awards for the poker tournament. For any poker player, going home with thousands of money while wearing a gold bracelet are just secondary to the feeling of completeness in winning a tough poker game. This is also true for Zwermer who considers his triumphant battle with veteran poker players a monumental experience. Indeed, such a great success for a player who considers himself an inexperienced tournament participant. Not having played in a tournament for five years seems to be not an excuse to win. He considers himself as his tough competitor. Having a clear and strong decision in playing poker is vital in winning a game. Aside from that, Zwermer believes that luck is on his side.

The other tournament Zwermer played at prior to his being the 2006 WSOP winner was the Omaha Hi/Low Split. The Omaha event is the choice of this Miami Beach native. Zwermer grew up in Miami Beach, Florida, but the poker attractions in Las Vegas turned him into a Vegas resident for almost 40 years now. At the same time, the reason why Zwermer finally joined the big event was because of the encouragements of his son and daughter. Zwermer has been teaching his kids the art of poker as well to prepare them for future tournaments. Getting support was family came very easy as his kids are his number one fans.

With his fortune and fame now, we will be expecting more fantastic games from Zwermer. He has already shown interest in joining the Omaha poker match, probably with his kids this time. The poker skill seems to be running in the family. Well, we shall see more action as the Zwermer family takes on the game, and he has only just begun.