James Van Alstyne

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:55

James Van Alstyne

A poker biography of James Van Alstyne.

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Name - James Van Alstyne

Born - Not Available

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What makes James Van Alstyne different from other American poker professionals is his education. Before he started joining live poker tournaments and even amateur games, he went to an Ivy League school and later worked as an engineer.

When Van Alstyne entered the world of professional poker, he was able to make a good start for himself as he began participating in tournaments and events and achieving remarkable wins, just like other poker professionals like Erik "Lilar" Friberg and actor-poker fan Chevy Chase.

His education

There are some poker players who are able to succeed in the poker world even if they did not pursue their education but Van Alstyne is a different case altogether. Aside from finishing his secondary education in Ben Franklin High School in New Orleans, Los Angeles, he attended the prestigious Stanford University.

It's been said that his stay in Stanford taught him not just tertiary education but also essential things about poker. After college, he was able to start his professional poker career.

Career highlights

When Van Alstyne started playing poker professionaly, he was able to amass a lot of personal achievements. His stunning performances in almost all of his competitions show that he is really a player to beat.

One of the early highlights of Van Alstyne's career is his winnings in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Ohama poker tournament. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) was started by Benny Binion and it quickly became a hit. It exposed professional poker playing to more people and made the game even more fun and attractive for poker enthusiasts and professional players.

Van Alstyine is one of the pro players who has enjoyed tremendous success at the WSOP. From 1994 to 1999, Van Alstyne was able to achieve several money finishes in this annual poker tournament. Van Alstyne also landed on the 16th spot in the 1999 WSOP $10, 000 No Limit Texas Hold'em main event.

After this series of victories, he temporarily turned his back on playing poker. From 1999 to 2004, Van Alstyne turned his attention to running a business. The venture became unsuccessful and he returned to playing professional poker on October 2004. His comeback was highlighted by his victory in the World Poker Players Association (WPPA) Championships where he was declared champion over other players like Kathy Liebert.

Following this success is another win in the popular Ultimate Poker Challenge. In this particular game, he received the grand prize for the pilot season.

In 2005, Van Alstyne won the seventh place award in the World Poker Tour (WPT) event, the Ultimate Poker Classic.

Adding up to the numerous achievements of this player are his seven money finishes and two final tables game in WPT events. His first final table TV appearance, in which he went on to land on the 5th spot, earned him more than $500, 000.

With his remarkable wins, especially in the WSOP events, Van Alstyne has been making a lot of money and has been inspiring more and more people to join the annual WSOP event (link to: Why Play In WSOP.txt).

His countless achievements in professional poker playing aside, Van Alstyne is also admirable because of his success in his education.