James Woods

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:23

James Woods

A poker biography of James Woods.

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Name - James Woods

Born - April 18th 1947, Vernal, Utah, United States

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Before becoming a renowned film actor, James Woods went through some experiences, which were not actually associated with Hollywood at first. After graduation from the Pilgrim High School in Warwick, Rhode Island, joining the Air Force was the original plan of Woods. A hand accident prevented him from pursuing his US fighter pilot dream. Considered an excellent and brilliant student, Woods enrolled at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for a political science course. But later on, Woods left college to study acting in New York. From then on, Woods began his acting career.

The success of the career of any film actor and actress is measured by the amount of recognition given to him or her by the fellow actors. This recognition can be in any form, whether working with legendary filmmakers or receiving acting awards. In the case of Woods, he has garnered several acting nominations for his role portrayals in his movies. In 1987, the Academy Award acting nomination Woods received was the Best Actor category from the film 'Salvador'. In 1996, Woods was once again nominated in the category Best Supporting Actor from the movie 'Ghosts of Mississippi'. Woods has also received three Emmy Awards. Moreover, Woods has also worked with famous Hollywood directors like Robert Zemeckis, Martin Scorcese, Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, and Sophia Coppola. Some notable films of Woods are 'Once Upon A Time In America','True Believer', 'Casino', and 'Nixon'. The strong and aggressive film characters that Woods portrayed established him as a great film actor. Not only that, but the longevity of an actor in the film industry is a sure sign of success. Woods claims that the recent biopic role of Rudy Guiliani he portrayed is his favorite role so far.

Surely, talent and skills are essential in film acting. But the aspect of luck also plays an important role in every film actor and actress. The world of film industry seems to have something similar with the poker industry. The glitz and glamor of the film and poker industries seem to be the common denominator of both worlds. However, there is another link to Hollywood and poker, and that is the Hollywood poker event. The Hollywood poker match is an exciting online game to watch today. Hollywood celebrities take their turns with each set of cards being played. That is why, Woods has also tried his poker skills in the online Hollywood poker.

On the poker matches, Woods shows up as a regular player at the online Hollywood poker events. He also shares some contents for the Hollywood poker website. Moreover, Woods has endorsed the poker book entitled Little Green Book, written by the famous poker player Phil Gordon. While in the World Poker Tour games organized by the American Stroke Association, Woods ranked as 24th place for the L.A. Poker Classic with a pot money of $40,000. Woods will also be appearing in the very first Pokerbowl in December. And the dice keeps rolling for James Woods, both in Hollywood and poker events.