Jay Heimowitz

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:46

Jay Heimowitz

A poker biography of Jay Heimowitz.

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Name - Jay Heimowitz

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When Jay Heimowitz joined his first ever World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament at the age of 37, it changed his life forever. In 1975, he landed first place in the 6th Annual WSOP Non-professional No Limit Hold'em tournament. From that time on, he has made remarkable achievements in this famous world of poker.

Having played and won in more than 30 events and championship games, he can be considered as one of the respected veterans in the sport.

Inspiring Poker Stories

Heimowitz started to play poker games with his baseball playmates at the young age of nine. Then he entered the Army during his teenage years where he was able to save $10, 000 by playing card games with other soldiers.

However, even before Heimowitz entered the Army, he has always dreamt of starting his own enterprise. When he turned 21, he left the service and purchased his own soda and beer bottling company in Bethel, New York where he was born. After two years of hard work and determination and also with the help of his poker earnings, he became one of the youngest distributors of Budweiser in America.

Although Heimowitz is already an experienced poker player, he retains as an amateur so that he can still engage in several money games. He also plays in various minor events of WSOP. In 1977, he played the No Limit Hold'em Main Event where he was considered as the player that has the most number of Main Event appearances.

Countless Achievements

For more than three decades of passion and pride in playing poker, Heimowitz has reaped reputation and respect from other players and poker fans around the world.

His latest event was the Borgata Poker Classic in the World Poker Tour (WPT) held in January 30, 2007 where he landed on the 21st spot and won more than $27,000.

Aside from several local and international tournaments that he has participated in, his six WSOP bracelets distinguished him from the thousands of poker players around the world. There are few poker players who have the same distinction, and they are Johnny Chan, Johnny Moss, and Doyle Brunson.

Adding up to this, his exceptional skill in playing poker has earned him not only prestige, but also millions of dollars. His win in the 31st Annual WSOP in May 2000 was the biggest so far.

Besides his eight first place awards and six poker bracelets, also included in the countless achievements of Heimowitz is being part of the First Annual World Poker Challenge in 2001 where he landed on the fourth spot.

Aside from his poker achievements, Heimowitz also has a very successful family life. He has been married to his wife for more than four decades already and they have four lovely sons. In fact, two of them are actually following the footsteps of their father.

"Take pride in what you do."- This is Jay Heimowitz's motto, and he is surely living up to this as he is considered as one of the few people who can really represent an ideal poker player.