Jeff Madsen

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:26

Jeff Madsen

A poker biography of Jeff Madsen.

Quick Information

Name - Jeff Madsen

Born - June 7th 1985, Santa Monica, California, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Luck must be playing a big part in the life of the young poker player Jeff Madsen. But on the other hand, Madsen has created his own niche in the poker world despite what people would say about an inexperienced player. Moreover, his youth played an important, advantageous role in his plays.

According to the constitution of United States, when an individual reaches 21 years old, he or she is already allowed to engage in drinking and/or gambling. At age 21, Madsen made a historical achievement in the poker arena. However, at age 18, after graduating from Palisades Charter High School, Madsen learned his first poker lessons from a friend. Madsen must have been fascinated with his first poker lessons that he eventually created his own library of books on poker. When most people his age would resort to partying and drinking, Madsen engaged himself in learning all the poker strategies and techniques.

While attending college at the University of California-Santa Barbara, Madsen continued to enhance his poker skills by playing at a casino near the university campus called Chumash Casino. In Chumash Casino, Madsen showed his poker abilities resulting to his winning $2,000 per game match. Winning early on made Madsen realize that he was ready for some bigger cash games. With strong determination to join the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP), Madsen asked his parents for some funding for the six poker events he was planning to join. His parents, believing on Madsen, gave him a total of $3,500. While the remaining $6,500 was taken from the college fund that Madsen's grandfather gave him. The 2006 WSOP tournament proved to be momentous for Madsen. He won the coveted bracelet and was hailed as the youngest player to have won the gold bracelet. Winning a total of $1.4 million that night was the highlight of the tournament. A week after that big event, Madsen also won in another match, making him the youngest poker player to win the gold bracelet twice. Madsen looks unstoppable in the games of poker and the poker world loves his every move. At this point in the poker career of Madsen, most people thought that he would not continue with his college education. But Madsen is determined to finish his film course to eventually become a director and writer of films. However, he is also enjoying the poker events as another career to pursue.

The aggressive character of Madsen makes him a valuable asset in the poker tables. Being young may mean being disregarded in the games, but Madsen uses his youth to the advantage. At the same time, being good in reading people and mathematical calculations are two factors that contribute to the winning strategy of Madsen. Moreover, his willingness to learn the intricacies of a poker game is something noteworthy. At the end of a poker match, it is always the winner that takes it all and Madsen is only beginning his poker career with a blast. There will surely be more to expect from Madsen as he continues to be present in the poker tables.