Jeff Shulman

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:27

Jeff Shulman

A poker biography of Jeff Shulman.

Quick Information

Name - Jeff Shulman

Born - February 18th 1975, Seattle, Washington, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


A perfect example of success outside the green felt table, Jeff Shulman is one of the most popular American poker players having won several big time poker matches. He graduated from the University of Washington and had his stint as a real estate investor before concentrating on playing poker and managing Card Player Magazine. He is currently residing in gambling capital Las Vegas and is set to appear in Poker Superstars III.

The son of renowned poker player Barry Shulman, Jeff's awesome track record could be attributed to the fact that he has been playing poker since his childhood days. His achievements include first place at the L.A. Poker Classic No-Limit Hold'em tournament, second place at the Legends of Poker No-Limit Hold'em Championship, and a World Series of Poker final table. He had won so much that his live tournament prizes alone amount to more than $900,000.

Aside from being known as one of the top poker players, Shulman is also credited as the person behind the recent success of Card Player Magazine. His involvement in the business of poker magazine is truly a success story. It started with his father's attempt to purchase Card Player Magazine, which then had top-ranking poker players as its niche market. Several million dollars later, the elder Shulman owned the magazine. To successfully eliminate competition, he then proceeded to buy Poker Player for less than a million dollars. The younger Shulman was then included in the magazine's operation bringing with him youthful energy, poker passion, and competent friends and associates.

When he started in the last quarter of 1999, he had little knowledge of the industry. He worked his way through by befriending poker players, particularly young bigwigs like him. Despite his great contribution, he still attributes the success of the magazine to his father's crazy passion and eternal enthusiasm.

The success of Card Player Magazine may also attributed by its change in image, which Shulman has devised. A tasteful mixture of the old Card Player Magazine and elements from People and Sports Illustrated, the magazine now features the lives of the best card players outside the poker table. This spurred the magazine's attempt to broaden its target market, including novices who have played only once or twice. He wanted to feature stories of people who invested in $20 but walked away a million dollars richer.

The last three years saw at least three purchasing offers for the father-and-son tandem. The thought of giving it all up never really crossed their mind as they saw great potential in their business. As a matter of fact, they foresee their profits multiplying four-fold in about five years primarily because they have no competition to worry about. They can concentrate on further improving their magazine.

Despite his preoccupation with the successful Card Player, Shulman has maintained his competitiveness on the table. This only shows that great skill and talent are your best bets in tackling any challenge - be they playing poker or managing a publishing company. Indeed, Shuman is not only a success but a living poker legend.