Joe Beevers

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:35

Joe Beevers

A poker biography of Joe Beevers.

Quick Information

Name - Joe Beevers

Born - 1967, London, England, United Kingdom

Poker Room - Not Available

Marylebone native Joseph Charles Beevers, better known as Joe Beevers, has truly made a name for himself in the professional poker arena. The 39-year-old is one of the UK's most revered poker stars. He is a proud member of the Hendon Mob, a highly acclaimed London-based poker quartet, which includes professional hot shots Ram Vaswani, Ross Boatman, and Barny Boatman. Nicknamed "The Elegance" by his peers and fans, Beevers nearly won a couple of grand final events on the Late Night Poker series.

Beever's interest in cards started when he was about ten years old, when he learned how to play blackjack from his father. At 16, he placed his education on hold and dabbled on card-counting instead. He joined a four-member team with his father and played the blackjack circuit for a while.

After working for NatWest and Citibank, Beevers went back to school and attended Middlesex University, where he got a degree in Finance and Accounting. His involvement in gambling, especially in horse and dog racing, sparked a new friendship with Vaswani, now a fellow Hendon Mobster.

Poker didn't come into the picture until Beevers joined a poker tournament in Luton. He continued to play several games locally, where he reportedly earned around £35,000 in winnings. After he graduated from University, he never found the need to work because he earned well enough from giving poker lessons to fellow students and even his professors. Before televised poker even became a hit, Beevers and Vaswani organized a few private poker tournaments. There they met Ross and Barny Boatman, the final two players that will complete the Hendon Mob roster. In 1997, Beevers won his very first major poker event in the Netherlands.

With the success of the Late Night Poker series on television, The Hendon Mob participated in the biggest poker craze that has ever swept the nation and the world. In fact, it was around that time when the group supported the presently popular gaming trend of using camera holes in the tables to show the audience the players' cards. Beevers played in all the series and shared the record of 10 appearances on the show with Dave Colclough. As the first Hendon Mob member who won the World Series of Poker in 1996, he placed 14th and put his name in the global poker map. He also placed second to Xuyen Pham during the Gaming Club World Poker Championship and to Jimmy White during the Poker Million in 2003. Some of his prestigious titles include winnings from Hold'em 100 in 2000, the British Open in 2002 (Omaha), the Irish Open in 2003 (Hold'em), and the Four Queens in 2004 (Hold'em).

"The Elegance" is more than just a nickname; it is also a testament of Beevers' dedication and incomparable ardor for the game of poker. This catchy alias originated from people's perception of his lucrative lifestyle. Presently, he can be seen cruising around in a Prosche 911 bearing a personalized plate that reads Joe 911. Today, Beevers resides in Hendon with his family -- wife Claire and twin daughters Millie and Lola.