John Bonetti

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:37

John Bonetti

A poker biography of John Bonetti.

Quick Information

Name - John Bonetti

Born - 1928, Brooklyn, New York , Usa

Poker Room - Not Available


It has been said that some men are destined for greatness upon reaching the prime of the lives. This is one thing that John Bonetti, a world-renowned poker player, learned in 1982 after quitting the business of managing properties in the New York area. John got hooked into the world of poker by the time he was already 55 years old.

John claims to have never played a single poker game prior to his major career shift. His baptismal fire in poker happened when the owner of a company in Houston, where John was working as salesman, convinced him to play a single poker game. But because of his lack of poker experience, John played a forgettable performance during his first poker game. However, this failure in the game did not deter John from going after his passion for the game of poker. It was in this debut game where John discovered Hold'em. Here, John honed his skill in playing the game, until he was fit enough to compete in a major tournament. John joined the tournament for the first time in the place of Lafayette in the city of Louisiana in 1985. The result of this first tournament was far better than that of his first informal game, as John came back to his hometown $28,000 wealthier.

That event served as the tipping point in John's poker career as numerous participations in several World Series of Poker major events followed. Most of these tournament participations earned John as much money as can be imagined. Records have it that John have taken home a total of a million and a half dollars from two of every three WSOP major tournaments he has participated into since his debut in 1985. John was able to achieve a reputation of being among the few distinct poker players after every victory in a WSOP major event. John is now among the WSOP Seniors Hall of Famer. To commemorate John's rank in the WSOP, eBay has auctioned a five-dollar chip coming from John's WSOP game.

Although health problems caused by old have prevented John from competing in as many WSOP major event as before, the poker industry still honors John's reputation of being among the most feared players in the table. This reputation, according to John himself, is not something out of a gift like that of a mind scanner. John accounts his unparalleled gaming skill only to his attitude of acting upon first instinct. John says that a poker player's most potent weapon in every game is his instinct and that he must stick to it. Upon feeling that a winning card is already at hand, a player must take it without hesitations.

But aside from being among the great poker players in the industry, John is also known for his credibility in handling business. Poker icon Phil Hellmuth was once quoted for saying that John handles poker business deals with other people with utmost sincerity and transparency. John is known for ensuring that all the money, regardless of the amount, entrusted to him by his business partners will be spent for its intended purpose. A business relationship founded on trust and honesty is very important in poker, as players recognize that for those who have respect for the others, greatness will come, regardless of their age.