John Barch

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:52

John Barch

A poker biography of John Barch.

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Name - John Barch

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Considered to be among the top-ranked poker players of the world today, John Derick Barch is credited to have won more than $2,000,000 dollars in cash prize since he started playing poker professionally way back in 1993. He has won top places in many tourneys and has played with the big names in poker all around the world. However, he became more famous when he lost one of, if not the largest prize pot amounts in the course of poker tournament history.

The Man Named John Barch
A dedicated family guy who lives in McKinne, Texas with his kids and wife, this world-class poker player is a lethal combination of tenacious gambler and shrewd businessman. John "Tex" Barch was educated in the University of Montana with a degree in business. He could have worked his way into a successful corporate life if he had not shifted his focus on becoming a poker player professionally in 1993. This has led to him playing in ten more major tournaments aside the WSOP. Among his achievement was finishing in the 16th spot during the hold'em $1,500 pot limit event back in April 27, 2004.

The Biggest Loss in His Career

Unlike other players, Barch's popularity stems from the 2005 WSOP tourney where he had so famously lost a huge amount of money. The said event occurred at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, yet the last few days were held at the first home and venue of the WSOP tourneys - in Binion's Horseshoe Casino.

During the final stages of the tourney, John Barch came in with chips worth $9,000,000 and wearing his trademark white visor. As the match dwindled on, Barch found himself pitted against the Australian native Joe Hachem as well as fellow American player Steve Dannenmann. Among the three, it was only Barch who was given entry for winning many of the live satellite tournaments from the different casinos -- unlike the two who paid for their entries. It was because of this that Barch was probably seen as a strong contender. In a surprising turn of events, Barch made a move of betting all with an A-6 off suit. Unfortunately, he was called out, especially since Hachem had the pocket jacks. Thus the Australian won the tournament, and took home $7.5 million.

Life Outside the Tourneys
Ever the fearless gambler, Tex Barch goes all out when he does any business endeavor. Fortunately, his heart-stopping stunts as a professional player of poker seems to have deserted him as the shrewd businessman makes careful decision as befitting his degree. Barch owns the Big Johnson's Beer Garden and Bar, which is found in the northern part of Dallas. The said establishment is very popular to both residents and tourists due mostly to its well-stocked and well-tended bar that boasts of more than 20 different beer varieties. Aside from that Johnson's has a wonderful menu and numerous activities nightly for everyone to enjoy. From live music and karaoke contests to the amateur poker tournament, Big Johnson's is the place to be in.