John Duthie

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:39

John Duthie

A poker biography of John Duthie.

Quick Information

Name - John Duthie

Born - 1958, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

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The game of poker is hailed as one of the cheapest and most accessible forms of entertainment apart from television. Using the claim as a basis, it can be concluded that poker, as an entertainment business, will be best handled by none other than a person like John Duthie. With his substantial and extensive experience as TV director combined with his killer poker skill, John Duthie is now a household name in broadcast and interactive poker. This is very much significant considering that games are now shown on TV and on the Net all over the world in actual time.

John's road to success was filled with numerous challenges. He only realized that directing was his true passion when he was already 32. This realization was followed by five years of building a dream from scratch, specifically knocking on every door to ask for a job vacancy. He was given his first break when he was assigned to work as runner. John would sometime humbly recall the times when at 32, he would be fixing coffee for people in the production staff. It was a job which was, at that time, something that employees in their 20s would be assigned to do, as those in their 30s were already sitting on the director's chair. But finally, because of his determination and hard work, John was promoted as assistant director. It was then when he had the chance to prove his talent in directing by making a short movie with the help of his friends. This short film helped John land a directorial job for six months for a soap opera in Britain. John had finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a certified director.

John's exemplary talent in directing, however, seemed to be destined for growth. After some time of directing in television, John contributed a lot in putting up European Poker Tour. He was a poker player himself, that is why it was a two-bird-in-one-stone hit for John when he was asked to direct the television broadcast of European Poker Tour. The show gave him the opportunity to incorporate his talent in directing into his love for the game of poker. It allowed him to enhance his directing skills while being able to help in promoting the game of poker.

But contrary to what many people would believe, John is not new to the gambling industry. He took home the coveted one million grand prize when Ladbrokes Casino situated at Isle of Man first introduced its Poker Million tournament. John was watched by 300 million viewers across the globe as he defeated five finalists in winning the most coveted one million pound grand prize. Viewers gasped in amazement as John made it through the four-day tournament composed of 12-hour playing per day.

John's victory was a big surprise to many poker fanatics. Many thought at first that the million pound grand prize was meant only to entice amateurs to join the tournament, and that in the end, only a professional poker player will take home the prize. A newbie, in the person of John, bagging the first million prize served as a potent inspiration to many poker fans, especially the amateurs.

John advises amateur poker players, who obviously belong to this era of live worldwide poker game broadcast, to take advantage of games available over the Internet. These online games, according to John, will surely help a lot in honing gaming skills through prolonged exposure and learning experience.