John Juanda

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 14:43

John Juanda

A poker biography of John Juanda.

Quick Information

Name - John Juanda

Born - 1971, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker

A good salesman will eventually find the dynamics of business to be similar to a poker match. The mathematics, the people skills, and the determination are all very helpful in business as well as in a game of poker. While being a top caliber salesman must have contributed hugely to winning victoriously in poker games. Seeing the advantages of salesmanship in playing poker, John Juanda took the chance and eventually made a name for himself in poker. No wonder then that this former outstanding salesman had an easy shift to the poker industry.

In 1990, the Indonesia-born Juanda moved to United States. Excellence is a value that Juanda finds very important early on. Participating in 200-meter sprints as well as the 5000-meter track races in high school, he became a star. Juanda became an Oklahoma State University college student, then further enrolled for a Master's in Business Administration degree at the University of Seattle.

Juanda ranked as the tenth winner for his initial poker tournament. Then in his following match, he became the top winner. The very competitive nature of Juanda elevates him among the rest of the casino poker players. Such is the winning determination of Juanda that he keeps on harnessing his poker skills. He is constantly improving his poker abilities by studying carefully the poker moves that he considers as mistakes in a particular poker match. He believes that an analytical study of his poker mistakes makes him a more aggressive opponent in the following poker tournaments. Another poker technique that Juanda uses is the way he observes other players since a good observation skill is necessary in keeping his position in the games. At the same time, Juanda has good bluffing skills that surprises most of the competitors and the audience. Juanda is very proud to say that his persistence is important in keeping his ground in poker games. When most players would be uncomfortable with having short stacks, Juanda actually loves playing with his short stacks for this enables him to think of a strategy to pull back in the game. He is also confident in the game, whether he has short or big stacks to play with. Juanda also learned that learning and adjusting are two important factors in playing poker. Juanda looks up to the famous poker players such as Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Allan Cunningham, Erik Seidel, and Randy Holland as his heroes.

Playing poker professionally is not a famous job in Indonesia as compared to the West. Although the idea of making a living out of playing poker is a new concept, Juanda's mother is slowly accepting the fact that her son is playing poker as a job. But at first, Juanda had a hard time telling his mother about his real job. Given the evidence that Juanda has made successful winnings in poker must have convinced his mother that he is indeed making money out of playing poker. There are times though that Juanda thinks of shifting to another career and pursuing to become a doctor instead.