John Razor Phan

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:53

John Razor Phan

A poker biography of John Razor Phan.

Quick Information

Name - John "Razor" Phan

Born - October 10, 1974, Da Nang, Vietnam

Poker Room - Not Available


If you happen to spot a smiley-faced Vietnamese-American sitting with a stack of chips in front of him in a poker table, carefully turn around and walk away -- that man is Bon John Phan. Don't be fooled by his smile, because he is not one to mess with when it comes to playing poker. A person to reckon with in the domain of poker, Bon John Phan is one of the most skilled card players around.

Bon John Phan hailed from Vietnam, but it is in North Carolina that he spent most of his childhood. He was born in a small town called Da Nang on October 10, 1974. According to him, half of his thirty years on Earth was spent playing poker. A master of his game, his colleagues often refer to him as the "Razor." This was a term derived from Phan's aggressive and intimidating playing style. Most of his competitors say that Phan's sharp presence on the poker table is akin to a razor that will make you bleed until you fold.

Phan's fans adore him for numerous reasons. Some admire him for his amiable aura and irresistible charm, but most people look up to him because of his great poker strategies and skills. He is known as a big risk-taker -- he is someone who isn't afraid to gamble and lost everything he has. Those who are not familiar with this poker whiz will be easily captivated by his manner of playing the game -- cool, calm, and focused. As such, it's already no wonder how quickly the Razor went up to the ranks of poker masters.

Like any poker master today, Phan has numerous achievements to his credit. Among these are the two bracelets he won in the World Poker Open, as wells as a number of money finishes both in the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. Aside from prestigious poker events, Phan has also 10 major poker tourney winnings to his credit.

The most remarkable achievement for Phan was his second-place finish in the 2006 World Series of Poker where he joined the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event. In this tournament, Phan went head-to-head with Jon Friedberg, another poker master. Unfortunately, Phan lost to Friedberg when the former's Queen of Spades and Five of Spades fell short of the latter's Ace of Hearts and Seven of Hearts in a board of Ten of Hearts, Nine of Diamonds, Three of Spades, Two of Hearts, and Seven of Spades. Even though he wasn't able to land first place, Phan still walked away happy and $289, 389 richer.

The Razor also made the final cut in the third season of the World Poker Tour (WPT). In this event, Phan was pitted against other professional players like Joe Beevers, Juha Heippi, Phil Ivey, and Chris Ferguson. Even though he didn't win the title, he walked away with over $500,000 in poker winnings. As of 2007, Phan's total poker winnings was estimated to be more than $2,800,000.