Jose Rosenkrantz

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:34

Jose Rosenkrantz

A poker biography of Jose Rosenkrantz.

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Name - Jose Rosenkrantz

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"A man can do anything, if he will"---a word of wisdom from a famous writer which also applies to Jose Rosenkrantz. This poker player believes in discipline as the key to a successful poker career, and he has proven it through his games. Rosenkrantz is truly a loud name in the poker world because of his winnings such as the 28th Annual World Series of Poker WSOP No Limit Hold'em event where he won 6th place with $24,850 in 1997, the First Costa Rican Classic Limit Hold'em where he was in 3rd place with $1,570 in 2000, the 3rd Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open No Limit Hold'em where he finished 1st place with $56,527 in 2002, and in the Costa Rica Classic - WPT Season 1 where he became 1st placer with $108,730 in October 19, 2002.

But Rosenkrantz's career in the gambling world did not end in 2002; instead, it continued to flourish when he joined other poker tourneys like the 37th Annual World Series of Poker, the Canadian Open Championship / WPT Event, the LA Poker Classic / WPT Event Season 3, the WPT Battle of the Champions 1, and more. With all of these tourneys and winnings, the total earnings of Jose Rosenkrantz through poker games has reached more than $392,428.

It is not surprising to hear and spot this poker champ on TV or in any poker tourney around the globe. Since he was 15 years old, Rosenkrantz was an enthusiast of poker games, but his attention was diverted to billiards until he became a Costa Rican billiard champ. Later on, the young poker enthusiast left billiards and joined Humberto Brenes' home poker gang in 1985. Poker was not yet popular at that time which is why Brenes and Rosenkrantz created a poker club of their own in Costa Rica. The members of this club were earning money from poker, but Rosenkrantz had another income resource -- the clothes manufacturing company. His business was as successful as his poker life, but he still preferred poker.

As mentioned, discipline has played a significant role in this player's life and has given him many opportunities. Rosenkrantz owes his success not in poker alone but also in another sports, which taught him the value of concentration along with self-control. For instance, Jose Rosenkrantz knows when to bluff, raise, or fold his cards without being tempted to blindly bet all his chips. These skills are the lessons this player wants to impart to both poker rookies and pros, most of whom view poker as a life-threatening challenge which always requires them to lose. Rosenkrantz does not see poker as such but rather as an open opportunity to win and to keep playing.

As seen from the triumphs that the player has experienced in life, the call of poker passion is, indeed, strong-- even enough to eventually bring 80 official members to the poker club Rosenkratz has founded. It could be said that this and more have made Rosenkrantz among the best poker players all throughout the globe. So if you chance upon this poker champ and lost thousands of grand to him, don't fret because you just gave away money to a real poker hall of famer.