Josh Arieh

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:37

Josh Arieh

A poker biography of Josh Arieh.

Quick Information

Name - Josh Arieh

Born - Marietta, Georgia, United States

Poker Room - Bodog Poker


Known as the "Bad Boy of Poker," headphones-blaring, trash-talking, yet talented poker player, Josh Arieh is a ferocious presence on the poker table. He may show aggressiveness when playing, but in reality, this guy is a caring and soft-hearted father of two girls and a loving and devoted spouse.

Josh admitted that he is one tough serious guy on the green felt, for he never plays to get the affection of other players. Born in Marietta, Georgia, Josh started playing poker because of the influence of people he was hanging with in a poolroom. He once narrated how those people wanted to gamble after a poolroom had closed. As the solution, they would rent a room in a hotel where they could play all night. Their basic but tacit rule was to play until a person got all the money. Most of the time that person would be him.

Josh played well and took home $2,500,000 as 3rd place in the 2004 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Championship No-Limit Hold'em event. With this win, Josh got so much attention inside the casino, an opposite of his anonymity outside it. Nevertheless, he is enjoying the kind of life he has right now. His wife even left her job to help Josh with his life. Both of them are enjoying and having fun, but still they chose to save the money Josh is earning to secure a nice and bright future for their two girls.

Though he is a serious player, Josh knows how to balance his life even if he is in the middle of a tournament. He would usually stay at Erick Lindgren's house. Eric is a friend and a professional poker player too who is residing in Las Vegas. Since Josh lives on the other side of the U.S, he finds the comfort of his home life in his friend's place. Josh found a home in Vegas and that helped him a lot to relax and to get away from the ambiance of the casino. In that way, he felt that poker was more of a serious job. Also, he got time to do other things like swimming and playing basketball. He also added that being able to breathe in fresh air was energizing. It was also a good thing that he could talk to someone about anything and of course, about poker.

Josh got some real good advice for those who are aspiring to become a pro poker player. First is for them to learn the 'tunnel vision' inside the casino. He added that a casino is full of various vices that could break a poker player. He insisted that aspiring poker players must learn the vision if they want to succeed or else, casino games will just eat all their winnings. Another thing to learn, according to Josh is to be more serious in every game, even more serious than the other competitors. Last is to work hard; hard-working people, more often than not, do get what they want.