Kansas City Chiefs

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The history of the Kansas City Chiefs

About the NFL team Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City, Missouri is currently represented in the Nation Football League (NFL) by the Kansas City Chiefs. This is a team that first began playing in the American Football League (AFL) in 1960. When the team played in the AFL, it was part of the Western Division. The team became an official NFL team when the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970. Since 1970, the team has been part of the American Football Conference (AFC) West Division. Read on to learn more about the Kansas City Chiefs and their rich football history.

Kansas City Chiefs in Dallas, Texas

When the franchise was first established in 1960, it was named the Dallas Texans. The team was founded by Lamar Hunt, who had been wanting to own a franchise team in the NFL since 1958. After two years of trying to convince NFL franchise owners, Hunt was finally offered 20% ownership of the Chicago Cardinals. Hunt declined in the wake of an idea to create a second professional football league. Lamar Hunt, along with four other partners, founded the AFL, where his Dallas Texans franchise would play as a charter team. Three years later, in 1963, the team moved from Texas to Kansas City, Missouri. Along with this change, the team was renamed to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Dallas Texans in the AFL

Throughout the franchise's ten seasons in the AFL, they proved to be quite successful. In the franchise's first season as the Dallas Texans, they had a winning record of 8-6, but failed to make it to the division championships. In the next year, 1961, the Dallas Texans roster was full of stars, including three future Hall of Famers. Still, they ended the year with a losing record of 6-8. Finally, the club had their break-out season in 1962. This was the year that the Texans won their first AFL Western Division Championship against the Houston Oilers. Head Coach Hank Stram was named the AFL Coach of the Year, while the team's running back, Curtis McClinton, was awarded as the AFL Rookie of the Year.

The Chiefs: a chief contender in the AFL

When the Dallas Texans were moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1963, they were welcomed with open arms by the city's mayor and community. While Hunt considered the name the Kansas City Texans, the name was changed to the Kansas City Chiefs after Hunt received the results of a contest for the best name for the team. The first season of the Chiefs in the AFL began with a number of player trades and acquisitions. With a record of 5-7-2, the Chiefs' first season was not successful, but they continued to build the franchise and mature through the following years.

The franchise would reach the AFL Western Conference title game in 1966, under the coaching of Hank Stram. During this year, quarterback Len Dawson became the league leader in passing, while receiver Otis Taylor became the first 1,000-yard receiver in the history of the franchise. The Chiefs led the AFL Western Conference, ending the season with a record of 11-2-1. On New Year's Day of 1967, the Kansas City Chiefs would win the AFL Conference title. On January 15, 1967, the Chiefs would play in the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game, which would later be called the Super Bowl. Playing against the Green Bay Packers of the NFL, the Chiefs ended up losing the championship game, 35-10.

The next time that the Chiefs would reach the AFL Championships would be in 1969. This was the final season of the AFL and the Kansas City Chiefs would be playing against the Oakland Raiders. These two teams had an on-going rivalry that would continue into the NFL. On January 4, 1970, the Chiefs won the AFL Championship Game against the Raiders with a score of 17-7. With this victory, the franchise became the only franchise to have won three AFL Championships. The AFL Chiefs went on to defeat the NFL Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV. The team went on to play in the NFL after the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

The Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL

The 1970s was an unsuccessful period for the Chiefs. During the Chiefs' first season in the NFL, they would end with a record of 7-5-2, one game behind the Oakland Raiders' record of 8-4-2. In the following season, the Chiefs were able to put together one of the strongest rosters in franchise history. With a number of reputable players on their squad, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to finish the 1971 season with a record of 10-3-1, even beating the Oakland Raiders to win the AFC West title. During the AFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Miami Dolphins, the team lost with a score of 27-24. This game is recorded as the longest game in NFL history, continuing for nearly 83 minutes. This dramatic end to a strong season would mark the beginning of a 15-year period wherein the team would not make it to the playoffs again.

Throughout the '80s, the Chiefs would continue to make changes in an attempt to build a successful NFL franchise. The team's fourth coach, Marv Levy, was replaced at the end of the 1982 season and the Chiefs would be coached by Mackovic over the next four years. Mackovic was relieved of his duties and he had a total record of 30-34 as coach. Frank Gansz coached the team for the next two years, as the team continued to look for ways to turn the franchise around.

Marty Schottenheimer took over as head coach of the team from 1988 to 1998. Overall, Schottenheimer was able to lead the team to some success. With a record of 101 wins, 58 losses, and 1 tie under the coaching of Schottenheimer, the team was able to bring back the strong fan base they had during their early years. Throughout his ten year tenure, Schottenheimer coached the Chiefs to 7 playoff seasons. In 1994, the team won a playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. This would be their last playoff victory up to this date (2008).

Throughout the 2000s, the Chiefs have continued to rebuild their team and staff. In 2003, the team had record of 13-3 and the Chiefs clinched the number two seed in the playoffs that season. The Chiefs lost the AFC Divisional playoffs against the Indianapolis Colts 38-31. The 2004-05 season would result in a record of 10-6, which was not good enough to make it to the playoffs. In 2006, the team had a record of 9-7 and they dealt with the death of the franchise owner. 2007 was a rather disappointing season as the chiefs ended with a record of 4-12. For the 2008 season, the Kansas City Chiefs will be coached by Herman Edwards, who is expected to make a positive impact on the team after a rather successful draft. If you want to find more information on the history of the Kansas City Chiefs, you can visit their homepage on the Internet, which includes season-by-season statistics and records.