Kathy Liebert

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:59

Kathy Liebert

A poker biography of Kathy Liebert.

Quick Information

Name - Kathy Liebert

Born - 1967, Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Poker Room - Inter Poker


Born on 1967 in Nashville, Tennessee, Kathy Liebert is among the new breed of female poker players that have taken the world of card games by storm. For a long time now, Hollywood has often portrayed female poker game sharps as either brash and uncultured women in mining towns, or sexpots who charm men at the table in order to win. Females like Kathy Liebert would obviously beg to disagree, since she -- and the other female poker players, for that matter -- are nowhere like these stereotypes.

Growing up in New York, Kathy Liebert had no idea that she would be a well-known poker player in the near future. She initially wanted a different life that did not include card games. Kathy Liebert had already earned her Business and Finance Bachelor's degree from the Marist College and was already employed at Dunn and Bradstreet for a whole year before she felt like something was missing. So she decided to move out to Colorado in 1991. It was during this time that she discovered her love of poker, thanks to the fact that she was invited to poker games in the area regularly. According to Kathy Liebert, her constant practice at the tables for three years made it possible for her to play at a tournament for the first time. She went head-on during the first event with a certain guy who made an unfortunate deal that caused her to win the game. The following week, she played and won again. Kathy was soon on a roll from start to finish, and every time she played, she would bag the game or at least finish among the top slots. However, the biggest break that Kathy Liebert had so far was during the Party Poker Million inaugural tourney, where she was able to finish first and took home a cash prize of $1,000,000. Kathy also won in the cash tourneys for countless times and events, and smart woman as she is, a bulk of her winnings were promptly invested in the stock market.

Many would say that in order to get to know a woman better, check the contents of her purse and her jewelry box. Chances are, they would reveal a lot about her taste and personality even without her telling anything. Well, Kathy is apparently different from other women, because she has a gold bracelet that represents her win in the 2004 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) for the shootout event of Limit Hold'em. Aside from the WSOP, Kathy Liebert also joined tourneys at Bicycle Casino in Aruba for the World Poker Tour, and also joins other Ladies Night invitational events. She says that she enters most of the tournaments through single-table satellites because they give her the chance to both improve her skills in low-cost games. When asked about her strength as a poker player, she is quick to say that her advantage is in her lifestyle and beliefs. That is, she is very competitive when playing, and she supplements this with regular sessions of reading serious poker stuff. Other players must be wary of her though, as Kathy is never tolerant with people who smoke while playing, and she is known to be vocal about it. Once, this lady even slapped a player for his inconsiderate behavior while at play.