Katja Thater

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 06:15

Katja Thater

A poker biography of Katja Thater.

Quick Information

Name - Katja Thater

Born - Hamburg, Germany

Current Residence - Wedemark, Germany

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - KatjaThater


Katja Thater was a loving wife, horse breeder, and competitor in dressage tournaments before she became a professional poker player. She was also a director for a marketing company. With so much on her plate, she would still find the time to accompany her husband to casinos where he played poker.

In one of these casino trips, she had to sit-in for husband Jan von Halle, when he excused himself for a bathroom break. New to the poker table, Thater was nevertheless a natural. She had watched her husband play long enough to know what moves to make. She even played winning hands until he came back. From this point on, poker had grabbed the interest of Thater. And there was no looking back for her from then on.

Soon after, Thater was joining the cash games. By 2006, she made her first appearances at the tournament circuits. She made commendable showings at the World Series of Poker in 2006, taking home cash prizes for two events. But then, it was in 2007 when she really made a splash in the poker scene and started getting the nickname “Miss Slick.”

At the start of the year, she joined the Poland leg of the European Poker Tour. She made it to the final table and won €64,502. At the same time, this leg gave her enough cash to get her to the 2007 WSOP. She made it to the final table of the Ladies Event of this tour and placed fourth. This won her $70,216. She also won her first bracelet here, at the 7-Card Razz, where she won $132,653. Thater was the first woman in WSOP to win an open event in 2007. Likewise, she was only the second woman to snatch the top award at the World Razz Championship.

Thater ended the year with a bang at the European Poker Awards. Here, she won the title “Europe’s Leading Lady.” She also continued her streak of high cash winning games, as well as tournament wins.

When not at the poker tables, she is still involved with the game through her work for German television. She is a commentator and presenter for the network. Likewise, she helps out newbie poker players by dishing out advice through IntelliPoker, PokerStar’s online poker education center. Thater has even co-written a poker book that lets readers in on poker table strategies called “Poker Matrix.” She got writing help from other top German poker players.

Apart from ruling poker tables, Thater finds the time to be with her family and beloved husband. According to her, in one interview by Pokerlistings, “What's important is that I'm satisfied with my play, and that my husband is satisfied with me….When he said to me, 'Okay Baby, you played pretty damn good today,' then I believed him. That's important to me. Not this bracelet.” Thater also enjoys going back to the stables and taking care and riding her horses.

Online, she is part of Team PokerStars PRO. Thater goes by the screen ID “KatjaThater.”
With bracelets, huge prizes, and awards, Katja is truly Germany’s biggest poker export.