Ken Flaton

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:05

Ken Flaton

A poker biography of Ken Flaton.

Quick Information

Name - Ken Flaton (deceased)

Born - North Bergen, New Jersey, United States

Poker Room - Not Available


A player that had a brilliant poker career that ended abruptly, Ken "Shyhawk" Flaton was a former professional blackjack player who discovered his love for poker. Born in North Bergen, New Jersey, Ken Flaton previously worked as a company accountant before he shifted gears and professions. His game style made people notice his potential and it is a disappointment that he passed away last 2004, during the fall.

His passion to play poker made him decide to travel around the world to play, yet he never went out for far too long. He always made sure that he had quality time to spend for his family, so he always left as soon as the games were over. During the time of Ken Flaton's death, he was able to accumulate around 900 points in the Player of the Year Points Standings sponsored by Card Player . He also finished second-place and third place during the tournament period of the L.A. Poker Classic tournament. Soon after, he joined the Five Star World Poker Classic where he finished fourth place for the Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better event. Then, he played at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and finished eight in the preliminaries of the No-Limit Hold'em event. This match gives him a total of 38 money finishes for the WSOP.

During the 1970s, Ken Flaton worked as an accountant, just like regular people. He was fortunate to have a nine to five job at the office and worked with numbers well. However, as luck would have it, he discovered a card game -- blackjack -- and was immediately hooked to it. In fact, he got so good as a blackjack counter that he was removed from a casino. When asked about it, Ken Flaton good-naturedly said that he was never really informed that the casino was kicking him out. However, while playing at Gold Nugget during the WSOP tourney, Ken Flaton was eventually persuaded to talk about the uncomfortable incident. He says that after he placed a bet for $100, a pit boss walked over to inform him that he was not allowed to play at the blackjack tables. He was also informed that despite that, he would still be able to play at any game except the one that he was banned from. Ken Flaton, naturally was miffed at the reception and the cut he took. He was disappointed at the turn of events, because he saw that it was baseless and uncalled for. It was as if he was accused of being notorious as a blackjack counter, or accused of being a cheater and getting thousands of dollars from dirty card game dealings. Ken Flaton knew that the pit boss had no idea about him whatsoever and that everything happened too fast for him to register.

However, Ken Flaton was never the one to sit still and let a simple setback deter him. So, he continued on after putting the whole incident behind him. Soon, his dedication to improve his play paid off, and Ken started to win in the big money tourneys. Truly a remarkable person and a great sport, Ken Flaton's presence will be sorely missed in the succeeding poker games by fellow players and fans.