Ken Lenard

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:06

Ken Lennaard

A poker biography of Ken Lennaard.

Quick Information

Name - Ken Lennaard

Born - Stockholm, Sweden

Poker Room - Not Available


Ken Lennaard is one of the most acclaimed professional poker players in Sweden. A poker-enthusiast since his childhood days, Ken’'s aggressive and focused playing tactics are some of the most highly noted stunts in his excellent gaming strategies. A former official spokesperson for the Swedish “Svenska Spel”, Ken proves to be a popular figure in the Europe’an casino gambling circuit.

Playing professional poker since 1998, Ken enjoyed numerous winning victories in various European tournament finals. One of his recent big wins of over $100,000 was last August 2005 in the London Poker Open, where he won 5th place. Another highlight in his poker career was winning the 2005 World Poker Classic, wherein he bagged $250,000. Today, Ken is still active in participating in various high-stake European poker tournaments. As a matter of fact, his total prize winnings now sum up to more than $700,000.

As a professional poker player, Ken is distinguished for his aggressive plays in the table as well as for his well-focused mindset during poker games. He is keen in observing his opponents while absorbing and understanding every detail of his mistakes. In addition, he always sees to its that he learns something out of his play mishaps. His peers often compliment him for his impressive and fast-paced technique in the poker table.

Despite his excellent reputation, Ken Lennaard’'s name got involved in a poker game cheating scandal. In this issue, Ken was accused of being the master conductor of a hoax home poker game.The alleged victims in the crooked poker plan were professional Swedish poker players, including Martin De Knijff, Christer Johanson, and Eric Sagstrom. The scandal claims that Ken, with the aid of notorious poker con man Russ Georgieu, came up with a plan of using cheat cards and an accomplice dealer who would distribute the marked cards according to their plan. The alleged hoax home poker game was scheduled to take place in one of Ken'’s family-owned hotels. Reports also say that it was Ken who tried to coax the Swedish players in the home poker game, explaining that a rich American player would be joining the table.

However, reports claim that the poker game scandal never really occured and the reported players were not cheated. Although the issue was proven to be just an accusation, many people in the industry got angry and dissapointed with Ken. Thus, he was left with no choice but to resign from the Swedish Poker Association.

Despite the serious scandal and grave accusations bestowed on Ken, his passion and talent in playing poker did not die down with the issue. Ken is still an active professional player in international high-stakes poker tours and he still plays just as impressively and viciously at the poker table. He is also among the thousands of poker enthusiasts who plan to further publicize poker with the goal of making it a more accepted and respected sport of the mind.

Although he experienced a grave scandal that seriously marked his professional poker career, Ken Lennaard’'s name will always be in line with the most outstanding and talented players in the Swedish poker contingent for his unending support, passion, and dedication towards casino poker.