Kenna James

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:08

Kenna James

A poker biography of Kenna James.

Quick Information

Name - Kenna James

Born - December 18th 1963, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Poker Room - Sun Poker


If one should have the reputation of a cowboy figure in the international poker circuit, then Kenna James is the most fitting person for the title. This interesting title literally sprung from his trademark poker game attire of cowboy hat and boots. Despite his smug and aloof appearance, Kenna is in fact, one of the most polite and kindest players in the field.

Born in December 18, 1963 in Chicago as Kenna Grob, Kenna never thought that he would actually have a good future in the poker industry until his career in acting ended. When the Kenna’s moved from Chicago to Michigan, he developed a passion in performing. Kenna was actually good at public speaking which earned him a full scholarhip at Jackson’s Michigan School of Arts. Kenna studied for a Fine Arts degree, but eventually quit to pursue his dreams in acting.

At the age of 21, Kenna went to Hollywood, hoping to make it big in the international movie industry. After a series of auditions and repeated mispronounciation of his name, Kenna decided to change his last name to James. Kenna played a number of small parts in some independent films as well as a couple of roles in soap operas. It was in 1995 when Kenna, who became tired of pursuing his stagnant silver screen dream, had his first encounter with casino poker. With the suggestion of a friend, Kenna learned the concepts of the game eventually becoming a poker dealer at the Hollywood Park Casino.

Apart from dealing at the tables, Kenna also enjoyed playing low-limit Texas Hold’em tables. In 1997, he became a pro in the $20/$40 limits and had tried joining in $20 buy-in poker tournaments. It was in the same year that Kenna began aspiring to become a professional poker player.

After several years of playing and honing his skills in poker, Kenna officially became a professional player in 1999. With his stetson hat and handsome cowboy looks, Kenna was nicknamed “"cowboy"” by most players in the poker circuit. His peers admire his fair and polite approach in playing the game.

However, Kenna'’s warm and kind side do not seem to go along with his attitude towards winning a poker game. He does play fairly nor politely: he is ruthless when it comes to winning against other players. Kenna already won several international poker tournaments, including the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em event in the 2004 Plaza Ultimate Challenge in Las Vegas, a second place win at the WPT Legends of Poker in 2005, and the Party Poker Million Cruise in 2006.Meanwhile, Kenna also directed a series of poker tournaments with his wife Marsha Waggoner, who is also a famous professional poker player. Part of Kenna’'s poker career highlights includes directing the first poker tournament in Russia at the Cosmos Casino Hotel in Moscow.

Despite his ruthless personality, Kenna never forgets to share his blessings to charities. He is in fact a regular supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project organization, wherein he regularly donates one percent of his poker tournament earnings. As for his talent and almost-forgotten passion in performing, he has actually found a way to combine his poker skills and acting talent through appearing on the Game Show Network’s “Poker Royale” as well as in the online broadcast of “Live at the Bike”.

With his sharp talent and utmost passion for the game, Kenna James has truly earned his well-acclaimed reputation as one of the prime professional poker players in the International gambling arena.