Kristy Gazes

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:12

Kristy Gazes

A poker biography of Kristy Gazes.

Quick Information

Name - Kristy Gazes

Born - October 28th 1967, Torrance, California, United States

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Born in October of 1967, Kristy Gazes had no idea she would eventually become a big name in the world of poker. The long-haired, wide-smile brunette was born and raised in Torrance, California and now lives in Hollywood. Her family moved a lot when she was younger so she lived practically lived in every southern city of the state. Gazes' father, who retired from his day job when he was 50, was totally into poker. He sought out his dreams of being a professional poker player but before he could even make a name for himself in the poker arena, he passed away.

As a young girl, Gazes was very much into Judo and competitive swimming. At the tender age of 14, she found herself getting into a whole lot of trouble, both in school and at home. Gazes was then a self-proclaimed juvenile delinquent and was considered to be a serious trouble-maker. During her late adolescence, she learned how to play poker and even started gambling. She would sneak into the local Commerce Casino with nothing but the raw thirst to win a hand at poker and a fake ID in hand. Before anyone knew it, Gazes got the hang of playing seven-card stud and became a headstrong main-stay on the green felt.

Gazes had absolutely no problems in learning new skills, especially with the ones she found really interesting -- like poker. In a few interviews, she admitted that she wanted to learn the game of poker by playing it right away. She didn't find the need to pick up instructional publications or books on poker because she found more thrill and picked up even more by sitting at the poker table. Meanwhile, she still managed to skim through a couple of poker instructional books, such as both volumes of Hold'em tutorials by Dan Harrington and Super System by Doyle Brunson.

Gazes was well contented with playing low-limit games and has earned moderate success in doing so. Meanwhile, she was able to find the time for filmmaking -- a passion she's had for a while now. She used to work in post-production and editing on small-budget documentaries. Her gigs in filmmaking have not provided much, money-wise, but relying on winnings from her poker games certainly keeps the cash flowing in. She started to dabble in high-stake games by joining huge cash events in Los Angeles. The biggest winning she's had in her career thus far was a hefty $80,000 cash prize for Pot-Limit Omaha in Tunica, Mississippi.

Relatively new in the big-time poker tournament scene, Gazes had no trouble adapting. With her famous mixed game tactics (hence the nickname, "Mixed Games"), she's definitely starting to make a name for herself in the No-Limit Hold'em events. In 2005, she placed first during a Full Tilt Poker Championship and took home a whopping $250,000 in winnings. Also playing on the final table were Clonie Gowen, Daniel Negreanu, and Ted Forrest. Gazes has reportedly made over $400,000 in live tournament payouts as of 2006.