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Lady Online Poker Site

This page is an intro for ladies gambling online.

Gone are the days when gambling was a male-dominated field. Historically speaking, men ruled the gambling arena playing various casino games as their pastime. However, women gradually liked gambling as a mode of entertainment that's convivial, sociable, and exciting.  When more women learned that gambling can't conflict with their everyday routine, employment, and relationships, they became engaged in frequenting in casinos. Incidentally, when legalized gambling has developed, the participation of female in the scene has also increased. Some analysts look at women as social gamblers, because many of them are more thrilled about the casino's atmosphere and the people that they meet than winning games. Nonetheless, the ladies are now discovering their new passion, and they are about to invade what was before considered a male territory -- online casinos.

Women Going Online Gambling

You may be correct if you think that before, the very reason women face their computer screen is to shop. Today, women still do purchase through the Internet, but there is another purpose why ladies spend hours clicking that PC mouse -- online gambling. So, why women play online. Women, just like most men, like the comfort of their home to have the casino right on their computers. Girls don't have to apply make-up nor bother to choose the trendiest outfits to be able to enter a casino hall. All they need is an Internet connection, some cash from their bank account, and a comfortable couch to gamble. Additionally, females like the idea of being able to play anytime through online casinos. Women are also attracted to bonuses that they get from various casino websites such as weekend perks and sign-up bonuses. Equally important, females don't experience any pressure, which is something that they really like, when gambling online.

IX Games: Women's New Gambling Partner

IX Games, the leading online casino, knows how to treat women right. Although most of IX Games' clients are males, it feels for the demand of females for an exhilarating and amusing online gambling. IX Games offer women their all-time favorite games like bingo, lottos, roulette, black jack, baccarat, and craps. Slot machines and online poker are also available to satisfy women's need to relax and unwind through online gaming.

IX Games also has a comprehensive online casino guide for every game with its concepts, tips, and rules. All information in the site can be used for free, and there are free training games for a more enjoyable gambling. Women can read this guide to aid them playing the website's moving games. IX Games also treasure girls who are new to the site, thus, the casino guide help such females to be involved in the basic details of the games. After learning the games' know-hows, ladies can apply their strategies, and try their luck in playing their chosen games either for free or real money. Either way, girls will surely have fun playing on IX Games.

Regarding payouts, IX Games believe that no fiend in hell can match the fury of a disappointed woman. Hence, IX Games only collaborates with safe and solid casino websites, which pay out jackpots and winnings to players. If a female player wins in a game, she is 100% guaranteed to claim her winnings as soon as possible.

Women On Online Casino Halls

Online casinos are packed with women players today for online gambling are becoming very popular and appealing to females. Ladies seem to love every casino website available. However, only a few of them know how to tickle girls' fancies. One of IX Games' favorite casino site is Europa Casino where players, especially women, love the feeling of being in a European country while gambling. Women often play roulette, baccarat, and blackjack on this site, and take advantage of up to 100% bonus on their first deposits.

However, if a woman really wanted to be treated like the queen of casino, then she must try signing up at Cameo Casino. Cameo Casino is the very first and only online casino designed for women. Cameo Casino created the gaming environment that suits every female's mood. The website offers an easy-to-use software, 24/7 customer service, and efficient payouts, which makes the website among the excellent gaming venues in the Internet. Cameo Casino has 11 Progressive Jackpots, 49 Slot Machines, 11 Video Poker Games, 16 Video Slots, and 15 Bonus Games that every lady in the planet can enjoy. There are also interesting perks and bonuses that await players. Due to Cameo Casino's success in bagging women as its main market niche, several online casino websites were re-developed to accommodate female casino enthusiasts to play there. Read more about the dazzling new playground women and casino.

Women Shout, "Bingo!"

It is undeniable that Bingo is women's main game . Before females learn how to finish final tables on poker,  and learn strategies to win the jackpot on video slots and roulette, women were shouting "Bingo!".  With Bingo cards on their hands, women were first seen on Bingo halls waiting for their lucky numbers to be picked. After years of relying on Bingo balls to dictate fortune, technology made it possible to use random- number generator to be able to play Bingo online.

According to the survey conducted by St. Minver Ltd., out of three million Bingo players, more than 50,000 of them are now playing online. From this 50,000 online Bingo players, 85% are women. With today's websites with superb graphics and ear-thumping sounds, more ladies are engaged in playing Bingo online. Take IX Game's Bingo For Money website as an example. Everyday, the site is housed by thousands of people, especially women, who want to play big-time Bingo. Ladies can play on the site anytime they want, because operates round-the-clock. Ladies can also opt to place their bet while partying on Party Bingo, another loved Bingo site at IX Games where playing is as hip and cool as chilling out in a bar. Gaming on this site is pretty easy and fun, and collecting winnings is a no-sweat task.

Women Bluffing on Poker Tables

The rise of female poker players and champions such as Annie Duke, Cyndy Violette, and Evelyn Ng largely helped in the unabated increase of women populace playing online poker. These women had their names in the minds of other females who are enthused in bluffing, raising, and folding. If you are to observe some home tournaments, online poker tables, and casino poker rooms, you will definitely find girls playing poker. Television also has contributed in informing women that they, too, can finish final poker tables. Although Eric Morris, publisher and co-owner of Bluff Magazine, said that it's hard to calculate the total women who join a poker game, he estimates that females today compose 25% of the total poker players. Morris has also observed that numerous ladies are subscribing to Bluff magazine.

Another proof that women are getting hooked on playing online poker is cited by Maryann Morrison. Morrison is the founder of a national female-only website She has witnessed the site's membership to climb to over 3,000 since late 2003. Morrison decided to create the site when she realized that it would be nice to have women at the poker tables to change men's prejudiced treatment when playing against females. Through online gaming, women can hide their identities, hence, men can't intimidate or take advantage of them. If you are like me; curious, discover the truth about women and poker.  

IX Games have tons of poker websites where women can play against various gamblers from the different sides of the world. There is Titan poker where ladies can join big tournaments and play against popular players to win humongous prizes. The site's available games are Omaha, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud Hi, and Hold'em. However, if girls want a more enthralling poker game, they can try multi-table, heads-up, and sit-and-go tournaments.

More For Women

To make a woman's gambling experience worthwhile, IX Games also offer Sports Betting, Online Backgammon, and skill games like chess, snooker, mahjong, solitaire, and eight-ball pool. Females with extraordinary skills in playing such games will definitely bag big cash prizes. For those chicks who want to improve their capabilities, online skill game sites featured at IX Games will be of great help. Women can check out,, and for ultimate skill game experience. IX Games has been the number one choice of men when it comes to providing the ideal software, supreme promotions and bonuses, unmatched service support, and breathtaking online casino games and tournaments. Although men were first to discover the website's mind-blowing offers, IX Games made itself an online casino that gives quality entertainment, fair, and secured gambling offers that women want.