Learn To Play Craps

Sat, 07 Jun 2008 19:08

Learn To Play Craps

Start learning the game of craps and begin playing.

Learning to play craps is as exciting as winning this popular casino dice game. The rules of playing this game are very easy to practice, especially if you are already familiar with the different terminologies of the game. One way to do this is to download a craps computer software that features basic information about the game.

Knowing the entire process of playing this so-called game of chance is one of the ways to ensure a greater probability of winning. This is because craps is mainly characterized by the use of dice. A pair of dice is used in this game and there is really no particular method that you can adopt to control the dice's spin, angle, and outcome.

However, it is important to learn the essential principles of this widely played casino game. The following are the things that you should know to advance your chances of winning in a craps game:

1. The craps table.
It is important that players become very familiar with craps table because the games are characterized by fast movements that include multiple wagers in every round.

The surface of the craps table is typically covered with a green felt paper. It has several sections where chips that are used for betting are placed. The table's surface is marked with the section's name and this is called the layout. Some examples of the layout sections are the Come box section, wherein come bet chips are placed; the Don't Pass Line for the Don't Pass wager; and the Frontline for the Pass Line bet chips.

Meanwhile, there is another area in the table called rails where chips that are not yet used for bets are positioned.
2. The players and the casino staff.
A craps table is long enough to accommodate eight players and each of them has their own turn of becoming a shooter through clockwise rotation. A shooter is the player who throws the dice and makes sure that it hits the table's wall that is opposite his side.

Aside from the players, there are also four casino staff who are part of a craps game. These people have different functions. One of them is the boxperson who mainly facilitates the game by guarding the chips and he is seated in between the dealers. Another are the dealers who administer the collection and payment of chips to the players. The last of the casino staff is called the stickperson who is in-charge of gathering the dice. This staff also motivates players to press a bet, which means to double their wagers.

3. The bets.
There are a variety of bets that a player can simultaneously make in a round. Before the dice is rolled, the players can place or increase their wages, and oftentimes, the bets are placed on a particular number that has the greater possibility of coming up like the number seven.

Moreover, odd bets are also usually made as compliments to other basic crap bets like the Pass Line. The Pass Line bet is a series of rolls made by a shooter until that player loses by getting a result of seven. While that shooter continues to receive a point (a result of four, five, six, eight, nine, and 10), the series does not end.