Lee Nelson

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 08:10

Lee Nelson

A poker biography of Lee Nelson.

Quick Information

Name - Lee Nelson

Born - United States

Current Residence - New Zealand

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - LeeNelsonP


Lee Nelson is an American licensed MD and was a practicing doctor for several years before he retired in New Zealand. Even during the time he was a practicing doctor, he was already an active poker player. He played during his spare time, in between tending to the sick and saving lives. It was no surprise that he turned to poker after his retirement. If the amount of cash winnings he’d had so far was any basis, it looked like he chose a great hobby to retire on.

Nelson got the nickname “Final Table” because he has been seen on so many final tables throughout his career in professional poker. He has about fifty appearances at the final table, and this streak is far from over.

Nelson has joined so many poker tournaments. He has found major victories at Crown Casino’s big buy-in events in Melbourne. He has seen so much success in Australian tournaments such that he has become testament to the fact that Las Vegas isn’t the only place to play big-time poker. Many tournaments and cash games are held in the continent, for which the pot prizes are of whopping amounts.

One of Nelson’s biggest wins so far is at the 2006 Aussie Millions. This event was well attended by poker’s who’s who. In the pool of 418 of the world’s best players, Nelson placed first and brought home close to one million dollars.

The following year, he joined again to win at 36th place and with $21,870 as cash prize. He then went to Sydney in December of the same year to join PokerStar’s Grand Finals for its Asia Pacific Poker Tour Season 1. For this event, he again ranked high at 18th place. He took home cash winnings totaling to $16,124. Nelson has likewise ventured outside his continent. He went to the 2005 World Open in the UK. There, he won $400,000. Nelson also plays online for Team PokerStars Pro. He is seen as “LeeNelsonP.”

Outside games at poker tables, Nelson co-hosts an Australian television show where comedians play against each other on high-stakes poker for charity. He has also come out with two critically acclaimed poker books - Kill Phil and Kill Everyone.

Kill Phil is a book on the real strategies of professional poker players on No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournaments. Co-written with Blair Rodman, the book tries to encapsulate the tactics that weekend poker players need to learn. According to them, if a player would have a chance against the pros, he/ she needs to know the tactics used by pros.

On the other hand, Kill Everyone chronicles the advanced No-limit Hold’em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-gos strategies. The second book starts where the Kill Phil ends. In this book co-written with Tysen Streib, Kim Lee, and Joe Hachem, advanced techniques are discussed. Topics include poker math, fast computations, and real live actions experiences of some of the world’s best players.

Even when it seems that Nelson’s activities (even when away from the poker tables) revolve around poker, it is not so. He is very much into yoga and meditation. He also finds the time for some walking, swimming, and weight training exercises.