Live WPT Strategy

Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:37

Live WPT Strategy

How to play at the live world poker tour tournament.

Poker has definitely come a long way in the gambling world. From playing for pennies to duking it out with the casino high rollers and to conveniently clicking away on virtual money over the Internet, poker has changed in many different ways.

There are many kinds of poker that are enjoyed by hardcore gamblers and the easy-going hobbyists alike. The popularity of poker rose to a frenzy with the advent of the favorite variety of Texas Hold 'em. Whether young or old, amateur or pro, anyone can enjoy this game even without the real live poker setting.

The accessibility of poker online has created many poker hopefuls all across the globe. And because of the game's steadily growing popularity, Steven Lipscomb decided to start the World Poker Tour in 2002, enticing all poker players with the large prize pots and exciting locations.

Now while the rules of the game remain the same, crossing over from sitting across the computer screen to a table at a casino for the WPT can be unnerving. Even if a player can win his or her seat from the registered WPT online casinos, which offer satellite games to the avid poker player, there is undoubtedly a different atmosphere at a live competition. Just the immediate presence of surrounding players can be daunting, and can make any experienced online pokeri player shy away from the table or lose his or her A-game. But making the transition from online to actual doesn't have to be scary. To perform well at a WPT match, here are several things to keep in mind.

Before battling it out with the big boys, a player must first take a concrete step to live play. A few games with friends can help any hesitant online player ease himself or herself into the tournament. Begin to observe the playing styles of other players. Slow and steady or fast and aggressive?

Another indication of strategy is the handling of cards. In Internet poker, a player has more chances to see how a hand turns out for other players. But in a tournament where players guard their pocket pairs with their lives, a glimpse at an opponent's cards even after the river has been laid out can be downright impossible. There are very few opportunities one is given to see how an opponent plays his or her cards, so it is necessary to take advantage of that.

A smart live WPT strategy also includes quick decision-making. Over the Internet, you are given ample time to decide on a move, but because one is up against actual players, there isn't always enough time to waver and dilly-dally. At a WPT game, a player must always be on his or her toes and always certain of the actions taken.

These are just several things that an online player must consider when moving from the Internet poker rooms to the tournament tables. But no matter what happens, never forget those Texas Hold 'em poker fundamentals.