Luca Pagano

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 08:19

Luca Pagano

A poker biography of Luca Pagano.

Quick Information

Name - Luca Pagano

Born - Italy

Current Residence - Preganzio, Italy

Poker Rooms - Poker Stars

Poker Stars Handle - N/A


Luca Pagano was born and still lives in Italy. He only began playing poker in 2004 but has since become one of its lead stars. He was once a computer programmer who snuck in poker games online during his free time. He got so interested in poker such that he even invested in books to improve his game play. He started to play at PokerStars, and today, he is one of the site’s Team PokerStars PRO.

Pagano is considered as one of the most successful and high earning online poker players. He has made a lot of money playing online poker for years now. His tactic, he said, included picking the right time to play on the online poker tables. He chose to play right before lunch, at around 11 in the morning GMT. He went to win several online tournaments until he decided to move on to the live action.

Pagano, being a computer analyst, had a natural gift – he was great with numbers and his mind always ventured toward analysis and out-thinking his opponent. When he started playing at the free money tables, he would beat the veterans of poker. He’s considered one of the highest earning poker players in cash and tournament games. He particularly won big at the European Poker Tours.

Pagano was eight in the No-Limit Hold’em even at the Torneo de Poker in May 2002. In 2004, he placed third in the PokerStars Season One European Poker Tours. This proved to be one of his first victories that got him noticed. The game was a No-Limit Hold’em at the Barcelona Open. He made $26,212 in this win. November of that same year, he followed up with a remarkable second place finish at the St. Maarten Open/Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. In 2005, Pagano was at the PokerStars Season One European Poker Tours French Open. Again in the No-Limit Hold’em, he ranked eighth and pocketed $17,693 in winnings. Another notable win was in 2006, where he won $26,645 from No-Limit Hold’em at the Irish Masters tournament of the European Poker Tours.

In 2007, his big win was a whopping $533,253 at the No-Limit Hold’em European Poker Tours Grand Finals in Monte Carlo. He placed sixth in this tournament. He also won $13,381 from the European Poker Tours in Dublin, again at the No-Limit Hold’em tables.

In 2008, Pagano took a step further and became an organizer for the European Poker Tours in San Remo, Italy. He even co-hosted the event with Claudio Pagano, his father.

Pagano is into other things too. He has invested in stocks and company shares. He also runs several businesses, like a night club and a travel agency. Travel seems to be in his blood as he likes going around the world on trips and, of course, to play in some of the world’s most lucrative poker tournaments. He is not afraid to face the best players in the world because he believes that that’s the only way young players like himself will learn.