Lucy Rokach

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:19

Lucy Rokach

A poker biography of Lucy Rokach.

Quick Information

Name - Lucy Rokach

Born - Cairo, Egypt

Poker Room - Not Available


Poker is very much the quintessential American game. The card game has been associated with what can be arguably called the "American mythos" since the time of "Wild" Bill Hickok and his dead man's hand. However, just because the game is distinctly American does not mean that other nationalities are automatically excluded. Indeed, while a vast majority of famous poker names are American, the growing number of pro players from Europe and Asia is fast on the rise. Among those names would be Lucienne "Lucy" Rokach, who has the highly unusual nickname of "Golden Ovaries."

Lucy initially lived in Egypt, land of the Pharaohs, the Sphinx, and more sand than any sane person would ever care to see. However, she was prompted to move to England, where she currently resides, due to the Suez-Sinai Crisis. Before she took up the cards, she worked as a car dealer and as a teacher, though neither career seemed to really suit her. It was eighteen years ago when she first discovered poker and started to play the game for serious cash.

She lost all of her assets within less than a year of playing poker but, taking the whole situation as a challenge to be overcome, she took out a few loans and quickly got back into the game. It was during this period of her career that she eventually came to develop her aggressive, high-offense style of play that has earned her respectable positions in the high-stakes events that she's competed in.

Over the course of her career, she's casually mentioned that table manners have actually improved in the game since the arrival of more female players. She claims that more women at the tables makes for a more pleasant, less hostile atmosphere in the game, likely because the guys don't want to look like testosterone-driven idiots around the opposite sex.

Lucy is now easily recognizable by poker enthusiasts in her native England and has built a reputation upon being the most skilled woman playing poker in that particular country. While her earnings in big-name competitions, such as the World Series of Poker, are a far cry from the money earned by more famous women like Annie Duke , Lucy is still a respected player because of her years of experience in the trenches of poker.

Lucy has described her style as being similar to "controlled aggression." She firmly believes that a good offensive is key to winning poker and bases her stratagems on that founding philosophy. However, she understands that poker is also about keeping calm and not taking unnecessary risks or reckless moves, as just one can potentially ruin your game.

Aside from participating in the WSOP and in European tournaments, Lucy also takes time to fill the role of commentator on The Poker Channel in the UK. She's also one of a few European players to have been given an award for her lifetime achievements in the game. She's also been known to write commentaries and articles regarding poker on the Internet.