Mahjong Tips

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:07

Mahjong Tips

Tips for the game mahjong play test and learn.

Mah Jong, with roots tracing way back to ancient China, has earned this certain reputation that it is merely a game of luck.  One particular speculation claims that this ancient Chinese game, which is said to have existed since 1880, was created by no other than the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius himself. This claim, however, still awaits approval. A typical Mah Jong set is composed of 144 ivory tiles, which can be further broken down into 36 tiles in the Bamboo, Circle, and Character suit; 16 Wind tiles; 12 dragon tiles; and 8 bonus tiles.

Defining Mah Jong as nothing but a game of chance, however, is fallacious to say the least since this game also requires a certain amount of skill. Concurrently, this game doesn’t also rely on pure skill either. Therefore, the safest claim that one could say is that to get lucky in a game of Mah Jong one must have both skill and luck. Thus, to help you Mah Jong enthusiasts, here are some practical mahjong strategies and tips to help you out:  

*Always keep the basic rules and scoring chart in mind.
This may sound like a tip based on common knowledge; some, however, actually neglect this so-called obvious tip. Having these particular details in your head and having the capability to recall it in a flash can help you make sound decisions in playing.

*As much as possible, try to get tiles that are of high value.
This is a no-brainer.  You need to get the highest value early on to assure your victory through the course of the game.

*Try to clear tiles that are resting on top of stacks of other tiles.
Be sure to clear these tiles because it would definitely limit your movements toward the end of the game. This is especially important as this is usually the critical moment of the match.

*Be wary of discarding your tiles.
It is a must that you be careful when disposing of your own tiles because it is this act that your opponent tries to use as window to see the hand that you’re playing.

*Be Fast.
Of course Mah Jong is definitely not a speed and endurance game but quickness in terms of coming up with strategies also counts in every match.

*Be organized in clearing your tiles.
The manner in which you stack your tiles can definitely be a decisive factor in winning a match.  Be sure to calculate your remaining moves as this can help you make good moves during the latter part of the game.

*Be Flexible.
Like everything else in this world, it pays that you'd be prepared for every situation that you might get into while playing Mah Jong.  Since it is a very unpredictable game, it is highly suggested that you know every nook and cranny around the rules of the game to tilt every situation to your advantage.

It is also highly advisable that you and your partner thoroughly discuss the game's complete rules and regulations before starting the match since the core rule of this ancient Chinese game also differs from one place to another.  It is also better if you develop your own set of techniques and strategies based on the specific rules of Mah Jong.