Mahjong Variations

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:04

Mahjong Variations

Different variations of the game mahjong.

Mahjong, one of the most popular table games, has a large following from the different parts of the globe.  Mahjong is played practically anywhere, even online.  

Although the game originally came from China, the game spread to Japan, Hong Kong, and to other continents like Europe and North America.  Mahjong can also come in other variations.  The game is also open for players of all ages, as long as they can understand and follow the rules.  In fact, many people have a variation or two of this game saved in their computers.  For those who want to play something new aside from the tried and tested form of Mahjong, they can look into the different kinds that are available in stores and even online.

Why Get Different Variations?
Anything that is done of a while can become repetitive and boring.  As with Mahjong, playing the standard game can definitely take its toll.  Thus, it is a surprising change to play different variations of this popular game.

Variations of Mahjong
The most popular variations of this game are those that are played quite often.  Depending on what you prefer, there are certain types that would appeal to you.

1.  Mahjong Towers Eternity
    This by far is one of the most popular variants.  In fact, this one has a large community online where the members play over 800 layouts and boards.

2.  Mahjong Investigations
    A different spin on Mahjong, this game adds the thrill of crime-solving as the player uses his gaming skills to find hidden clues that will hunt criminals and bring them to justice.

3.  Mahjong Escape:  Ancient Japan
    Playing Mahjong has never been as fun as with an ancient Japan motif.  The game requires the unlocking of certain key areas in order to find hidden treasures.

4.  Mahjong Fortuna 2
    For those who are into the mysterious and introspection, the Mahjong Fortuna 2 is a good choice.  By playing the Mahjong tiles in this game properly, one can unlock special features like information regarding birth flowers, birthstones, elements , and even horoscopes.

5.  Ancient Seal
    An exciting and fast-paced version of Mahjong, the Ancient Seal is definitely a race-against-time game.  As a player plays, he unlocks certain pieces that will allow him to go back into the previous game.

6.  WordJong
    For those Mahjong players who are also word building game buffs, the WordJong is definitely a good choice for a game.  

7.  Mahjong Solitare
The main objective of mahjong solitaire is the player must try to remove all the tiles from the board. The tiles that can be eliminated must be identical. The total number of paired tiles is 72 and the player must aim to remove all these pairs. The suits of the tiles in mahjong solitaire are characters, dragons, bamboos, circles, seasons, winds, flowers, and seasons.
Where to Get Mahjong Variation Games?
Mahjong variation games are available in many stores that sell gaming merchandise and in several online shops. The key to finding a software with various variations of the said game is through researching in the Net or in various gambling sites. Moreover, a person can also download free games through the Web, but he has to make sure that the software is compatible with the operating system that he has in his personal computer.

Mahjong, which began its roots in Asia, has become a popular pastime for both gaming newbies and experts. With the additional variations of the said game, there will be no questions asked regarding the game's influx either on land-based or online casino websites.