March Madness

Fri, 30 May 2008 13:41

March Madness

A yearly phenomenon with NCAA schools and sports.

The worldwide popularity of sports is really undeniable. One perfect example is the continuous success of the different sports competitions that showcase the prowess of the athletes all over the world.

One of the sports that remain to be the most favored and well-loved by thousands of people from different continents is basketball. In fact, its popularity is not only common among men, but also in women. This game has conquered not only the courts, but also the Internet through sports betting activities where money management plays an important role.

Going back to basketball, the game's popularity cannot only be seen on online sportsbooks, but most especially on the National Basketball Association or what is more popularly known as the NBA. The influence of this game on basketball lovers has spread not only in America, but also in other countries.

Another best example of basketball's popularity is the proliferation of different amateur tournaments that are organized by several colleges and universities across the country. In fact, there is a certain period in every year that college basketball players look forward to and that is called March Madness.

A yearly phenomenon

Before the month of February ends, basketball players from the different schools that are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) prepare for this yearly phenomenon. The basketball tournaments last for more than a month, starting on the first week of March until the first week of the following month.

With more than 60 basketball teams from the numerous NCAA schools that compete for the title of the national champion, millions of college students really go crazy about this tournament. But during this event, it is not only the men's basketball teams that vie for the title. Several women's teams of the different colleges also compete in the said tournament.

For the students of the participating NCAA schools, the March Madness is more than an event. It is a phenomenon that they all look forward to.

NCAA schools

Since the association is concerned about the holistic growth of the students, NCAA schools incorporated good, quality education with the right amount of students' exposure to extra-curricular activities like sports.

There are more than thousands of colleges and universities that are members of this prestigious college association and these schools are categorized into three divisions. Furthermore, not all of the members are active, but only active schools are allowed to participate in championships and to raise and vote issues before the NCAA board. Some of the prestigious members of the NCAA are the University of California and Harvard University.

Other NCAA sports

Although basketball remains to be a favorite NCAA sports, there are also other games that are played in this popular event. These include track and field, soccer, gymnastics, and many others.

The different sports that are played in NCAA are also categorized according to the season. For example, the outdoor track and field, golf, water polo, tennis, and volleyball are the sports that are played during spring. On the other hand, soccer, field hockey, and cross country are played during the fall. In the winter season, fencing, basketball, gymnastics, skiing, indoor track and field, wrestling, ice hockey, and bowling are the games that are commonly played.