Mark Vos

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:27

Mark Vos

A poker biography of Mark Vos.

Quick Information

Name - Mark Vos

Born - 1983, South Africa

Poker Room - Full Tilt Poker


Being young is not a hindrance to succeed in poker and Mark Vos, popularly called "pokerbok," proves this statement true because enthusiasts, amateurs, and pros do not consider him as a novice but instead, as among the leading poker masters around the globe. At age 22, he joined the most famous and prestigious poker tournaments such as the Crown Australian Poker Championship where he won $83,600, the 2006 WSOP No-Limit Texas Hold'em Championship where he brought home $26,389, and the truly remarkable 2006 WSOP No-Limit Hold'em where he swept off the table $803,274.

But people were not really surprised seeing this young professional add millions of dollars to his name. Vos is known as a hardcore player who joins any high-stakes poker game without hesitation. Vos is even known for making the audience's jaws drop, as he went all the way to one WSOP tourney's final table where he played a heads up game with another poker master, Nam Le, and eventually, won over him. This Aussie player further shocked his opponents by the way he played his game; even Nam Le can attest to that. In fact, Vos' game play stifled Le's concentration which made Le lost his focus and almost freely give the WSOP bracelet and more than $800,000 cash prize to Vos.

Vos' win at such tourney was, indeed, record-breaking, thanks to the Full Tilt Poker which sharpened his poker games. Like other pros, this young player began his career in poker with online tourneys, specifically in Full Till Poker. With his frequent participation in such a site, he soon carried the poker lessons that he learned to live events such as the WPT, WSOP, Austrian Poker Championships, British Poker Games, and more. But aside from his constant activity in the previously mentioned sites and his own efforts in improving his game plays, Vos received helping hands from his circle of Full Tilt Poker chums, which include John Juanda, Mike Matusow, and Phil Ivey. Vos also has some of his own favorite poker players, the roster of which has Arul Thillai on number one.

Even though this man lives in Australia and had a Commerce degree, he travels and puts in a lot of time just to pursue his poker passion. Considering his background, this practice does not really sound new. When Vos got influenced by friends to play online poker, he devoted more than 30 hours a week just to develop his skills and soon, when he was also earning money like his pals, he decided to leave the school he went to at the time and pursue a full-time poker career. Leaving his other dreams and own country, Vos chose to have a risky but enjoyable life with gambling.

Consequently, this choice has not failed him because of the millions he has earned so far. However, even with such an amount, Vos does not believe in money as enough reason to call his poker career successful. For him, winning big money does not radically change his life or the way he lives it, so he plans to continue playing for about five more years before he settles down and looks for a good place where he can decide what kind of life he really wants outside of poker.